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Importance of Railings: Ways That Railings Can Provide a Safe and Secure Play Area

30 July 2021
Allowing children to play outside is important for their development, and there is growing evidence to support the health and social benefits of outdoor learning. Creating a specific safe play zone will also divert children's attention away from pote...
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Product Spotlight: Essential Guide To Our New Gate Closers

02 June 2021
A gate closer is a self-closing, easy-to-install system that closes a gate or external door at a safe, consistent, and controlled speed. Our two new gate closers can be fixed to the bracket by either welding on closing gas strut or screw fixed hydrau...
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Understanding the Benefits That Mesh Fencing Has to Offer as a Security Perimeter System

21 May 2021
Mesh fencing rapidly gained prominence as a more aesthetically appealing alternative to palisade fencing. Because of their less aggressive top line, ease of installation, and flexibility, wire mesh panels are becoming increasingly common. They're a g...
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How and when to use a Water Filled Road Barrier

06 May 2021
Water filled barriers are sturdy plastic barriers often used on construction sites and at public events to provide security and crowd or traffic control. They are designed to provide safety and separation of areas, and used around road works to guide...
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Securing your Schools: Why is Security Perimeter Fencing Important?

23 April 2021
School perimeter fencing has a significant role to play in providing school security and safety. The safety of staff, students, and visitors must be paramount, and every educational establishment will have different specific needs dependent on size, ...
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Manual vs Automatic Gates: Which one is Better Suited for your Premises?

12 April 2021
At First Fence we have a range of manual and automatic gates of which are renowned highest quality, reliability, performance and security. Both have their own advantages; however which one is best for you?
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Understanding Armco Safety Barriers: What is it and What are they used for?

07 April 2021
Armco crash barriers are something you probably see every day but don’t actually know the specific name of and many are unaware of their function or even what they are called. Regardless, Armco barriers, also known as crash barriers, can save your li...
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Reasons to Choose Metal Fencing: 5 Key Benefits to Metal Estate Fencing

25 March 2021
Estate fencing is used to mark boundaries in rural environments including parkland, country parks, deer parks, country houses, golf courses and rural walkways. As a homeowner, landowner, or business owner, you'll naturally want to increase the value ...
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Product Spotlight: GRP Non-Conductive Palisade Fences

19 March 2021
GRP is an unique solution for any site requiring a safe barrier system that is non-conductive and metal-free, that overcomes any corrosion challenges facing the industry today. Glass Reinforced Plastic Palisade (GRP) is a safe and secure alternative ...
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Festival Fencing: The Return of Festivals and Events Begin

11 March 2021
Following Boris Johnston’s announcement of his roadmap to return to normal, pre-COVID-19 life and the given vaccine drive reaching almost 23 million, the nation eagerly anticipates a return to normality in the summer months. This would mean the welco...
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New Range of PPE at First Fence from JSP: The Importance of Health and Safety

02 March 2021
First Fence are very excited to share with you the news that we’ve introduced a new range of PPE products from JSP! In the workplace- safety is a major concern. Accidents occur regularly in the construction industry each year, and many of them are c...
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Palisade Fencing vs Mesh Fencing

02 March 2021
The protection of your commercial or industrial property can be improved significantly by Security Fencing. When it comes to security fencing, two of the most common options are palisade and mesh fencing, but is one better than the other?
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Will US Capitol Get Permanent Security Fencing? The Importance of Security Fencing

22 February 2021
After the recent uprising at one of the safest buildings in the world, the U.S. Capitol, there is a call for vast improvements to the physical security infrastructure with implementation of permanent security fencing to protect it. This makes you ask...
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The Gatemaster Superlocks are now available through First Fence!

15 February 2021
The Gatemaster Superlocks are now available through First Fence! A simple-to-install lock range, requiring minimal effort for increased security.
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Introducing our new Combi A1 Rated (SR1) High Security Palisade Fencing!

03 February 2021
The Combi A1 Rated is the next generation of high security fencing in which successfully achieves a Security Rating A1 (SR1) to LPS 1175 Issue: 8. The design of the system has been developed to ensure high resistance to impact and strong retention of...
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Freestanding & Allegro Concrete Barriers

18 December 2020
We are pleased to announce our new range of freestanding and Allegro concrete barriers, which offer a cost effective and highly customisable solution for creating retaining walls, pens or perimeters.
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Mesh Infill Strips - Block out those nosey nieghbours!

13 November 2020
Announcing our new product range - mesh infills which can be used to restrict the view into a site which has been enclosed with a mesh fencing perimeter
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Get Distanced! Barriers

14 August 2020
Social Distancing Measures are everywhere now. Control the queues by purchasing barrier systems.
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Schools Out! Mesh and Railings.

06 August 2020
Permanent security fencing offered in various mesh and railing systems for any project!
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Need Bull Barriers? We are very Knowledge-A-Bull

03 May 2019
We are very pleased to announce our refreshed stocking of Bull Barriers. Highly reflective and sturdy, the bull barrier system will protect your site as well as any one who could come into contact with the area unintentionally.
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All New V-Shaped 3D Effect Striped Mesh Fencing

30 March 2019
Our new welded mesh fencing is perfect for an area that has high-security needs. Similar to the Paladin style fence, the anti-climb coating in addition to the damage discouraging appearance and design.
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Need Protection From The Storm? Check Out Our New Roof Cladding!

22 March 2019
Our all new Box profile steel roof and wall sheeting is the perfect choice to protect your work space during these blustery months and onwards.
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First Fence Awarded The Feefo Trusted Service Award!

19 March 2019
We are immensely proud to announce that we have been awarded the Trusted Service Award by Feefo
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All New Armco Safety Accessories

15 March 2019
We are extremely pleased to launch our new accessories that fit perfectly with the Armco Safety Barrier system
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All New, Low Cost Crowd Control Eco Barriers Available Now!

05 March 2019
Our new range of eco barriers are not only durable but they are an economical choice for crowd security.
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New Chapter 8 Navigator Barrier

02 December 2018
Now Available at First Fence the all new Navigator barrier sold as pallets 40.
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Tube Clamp Self Closing Gates

21 May 2018
A brand new and exciting product joining our high-class range here at first fence is the Tube Clamp Self Closing Gates
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Specialist Gates & Barriers

20 March 2018
Specialist gates and barriers are ideal for added security and controlling access in and out of your premise from automatic gates and barriers to manual gates and barriers.
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What is Chapter 8 Compliance?

20 February 2018
Chapter 8 is one of the most common plastic barrier types, but what is Chapter 8 and what are the requirements?
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New Armco Beams

31 January 2018
Introducing a new Armco Beam.
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New Acoustic Barriers

05 January 2018
A brand-new product here at First Fence are the Acoustic Reduction Barriers, the Echo H4 and the Noise Defender.
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Last Chance for Temporary Fencing

01 December 2017
Due to the rise in steel prices, be sure to order your Temporary Fencing before the price rise at the start of February. Often used on building and construction sites, as well as for outdoor events, our Temporary Fencing Panels are available as kits ...
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Temporary Fencing

28 November 2017
Temporary Fencing, Hoarding, Slot Block Barriers and Crowd Control barriers are designed to provide effective site security on a temporary basis and can be used for multiple uses.
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Security Fencing

27 November 2017
When it comes to Permanent Security Fencing we offer palisade fencing, mesh fencing and railing systems, all manufactured from high quality galvanised steel.
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Brand New Bison Barriers

24 October 2017
Water filled barriers are ideal for making a safe and clear access routes for pedestrians and vehicles through roadworks, construction sites or other obstructions. Deciding which water filled barrier is right for your application can be very difficul...
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Concrete Reinforcement

22 October 2017
When working with concrete is difficult to know what reinforcement method is best. Without reinforcement, concrete doesn't stand up properly, cracks and crumbles under high pressure.
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Expansions to our Safety Barrier Range

19 October 2017
There are so many different types of safety barrier on the market with a huge demand. Despite already having a wide-ranging safety barrier catalogue, we have now added new products.
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Agricultural Fencing - Keep Your Farm Land Safe

09 October 2017
Agricultural Fencing has a wide range of use cases including, from containment to landmarking. This sort of fencing can help you bring control to your land, by keeping animals away from your crops or keep them within a certain area. Also as a by-prod...
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Mesh Fencing - Securing Your Site Has Never Been Easier!

01 September 2017
If you are looking for stylish and safe fencing, you might have considered Mesh Security Fencing. Here at First Fence, we offer a broad range of Mesh Fencing and Gates, perfect for a variety of environments.
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Triple Pointed Security- Palisade Fencing

21 June 2017
When it comes to security fencing there are few fences that can offer anywhere near the level of security that palisade fencing can.
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Introducing New Swing Barriers and Quoting System

31 May 2017
Due to a high customer demand, more product ranges will be arriving very soon, including our brand new Swing Car Park Barriers.
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Corporate Branding Available on our Frontier & Titan Barriers!

27 February 2017
If your project involves working along roadsides and pavements, you may wish to consider our Titan and Frontier Barriers.
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Concrete Feet available online!

27 January 2017
When working on a project that requires privacy and security, you may consider the use of Steel Hoarding Panels.
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Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing

02 November 2016
Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing a great time to invest in your site security Our Palisade Fencing prices are now even lower than before
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Temporary Fencing and what comes with it!

07 September 2016
As summer is still here, we are seeing lots of different Temporary Fencing systems around the local area. The six weeks holidays are a great time to start a construction project whilst the children are off from school.
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Crowd Control Barriers - The variations

07 August 2016
We offer various Crowd Control Barriers which are all made from high quality galvanised steel. These Barriers are often used to provide a safe pedestrian traffic management system for busy and heavily crowded areas.
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Road Cones - Available for hiring

12 July 2016
With summer approaching and schools breaking up for the six weeks holidays, lots of maintenance work will commence.
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Railings - What do we sell?

23 May 2016
Railings are a popular choice for many public and domestic locations as the different styles have great safety features but also an attractive design
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Stock up on security fencing systems for your summer events

18 May 2016
Summer is only around the corner with lots of events taking place across the UK.
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Manual Security Gates and In-House Manufacturing

04 May 2016
Whether a security fencing system has already been installed or you require a new point of entry for your site, First Fence manufactures a variety of security gates.
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Do you need immediate dispatch for your security fencing system?

27 April 2016
When browsing through our website, do you ever think: 'If I order that, I wonder when it'll arrive?' or 'I could really do with this ASAP'.
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One thing that may be missing from your systems - Choose Health and Safety Signage

19 April 2016
One product that has been extremely popular recently is our Health and Safety Signs ideal for security fencing which has already been installed.
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A brand new range Site Access Control

01 April 2016
Here at First Fence, we have now introduced a fantastic new Site Access Control range. We are offering a wide variety of Raise Arm Barriers, Sliding Gates and Turnstile systems
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Don't let your project hold up traffic

22 March 2016
When road maintenance is being carried out or construction work is taking place near pedestrian access routes, it is essential that the flow of traffic is not interrupted and that people are kept safe at all times.
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Temporary Fencing the ultimate solution for short-term security

23 February 2016
A huge contender within the fencing industry, Temporary Fencing is the go-to option when you need a simple, yet effective solution for short-term site security.
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September Security Solution

08 August 2015
Throughout September we are running great offers on a selection of product ranges. Here is a breakdown of those currently available.
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