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Buyer's Guide to Palisade Fencing

13 June 2022Appears in Products
Buyer's Guide to Palisade Fencing
When purchasing Palisade Fencing, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, to help we have prepared a buyer's guide to palisade fencing!

Palisade fencing is one of the most commonly used security fencing options worldwide. It provides excellent protection and can be suited for different environments. From protecting industrial sites to securing schools.

Although, for someone who isn’t very versatile in fences – it can appear quite complicated to figure out whether this is the right choice for your needs. Or what do you need to order, to make sure you’re not missing any integral parts. Luckily, we’ve prepared a buyer’s guide to palisade fencing, to help with just that!

NOTE: If you’re looking for answers to what is palisade fencing, its applications, benefits, and how to install it we cover it more in-depth in another blog.

Palisade Security Fencing

Palisade security fencing, as hinted in the name, is mainly used to provide a high level of security. Not only does it protect the enclosed area from intruders, but it also works as an excellent theft deterrent.

The height of palisade fencing ranges from 1800mm to 3000mm and 2750mm in width. The range is supplied with ‘W’ section steel pales which makes the fencing stronger and more stable.

Additionally, it’s sold with ‘triple pointed steel pales’, or we also offer ‘single-pointed pales’ and ‘round & notched pales’ as alternatives. While the posts can be ‘dig-in’ or ‘bolt down’

The top rail and bottom rail are also required to successfully set up palisade fencing. These tend to be 2.75 meters long and can support up to 17 pales. Although, we can easily cut to size on site for any smaller bay widths.

The palisade fencing kits come with (components may vary depending on fence specifications):

  • 1 Palisade Fencing Post
  • 17 ‘W’ Section Palisade Fencing Pales
  • 1 Palisade Fencing Top Rail
  • 1 Palisade Fencing Bottom Rail
  • 2 Palisade Fencing Fishplates
  • 4 Palisade Fencing M12 Bolts
  • 34 Palisade Fencing M8 Bolts

Moreover, palisade fencing requires anti-tamper fixings. Which offers a secure connection, with the top section of the nut being snapped off after installation.

The steel used in manufacturing the parts is also galvanised to protect fencing from rust. Moreover, polyester powder coating can be applied to increase steel’s resilience and give it a brighter look.

The powder-coated fencing can be ordered in multiple colours:

  • Green – RAL 6005
  • Blue – RAL 5010
  • Grey – RAL 7037
  • Black – RAL 9005
  • Red – RAL 3020
  • Brown – RAL 8017

We also offer a powder coating service – to customise your fencing colours with RAL powder coating finishes.

Even though, setting up palisade fencing requires a lot of different parts - all our palisade fencing is sold in kits, which makes ordering that much easier! We also offer package deals where you can buy 50 or 100 bundled palisade kits for a better price.

Palisade Fencing Gates

If you’re installing palisade fencing – you’re most likely going to want to enter the area you’re enclosing as well. That’s where palisade fencing gates come in.

The gates are made from the same materials as fencing. Offering ‘triple point’, ‘single point’, and ‘round & notched’ pale types. As well as, having ‘dig-in’ and ‘bolt down’ posts & custom colours – to match your chosen specifications of palisade fencing.

Our range of gates includes:

  • Manual swing gates – are made for easy pedestrian or vehicle access and can be bought in various heights & widths.
  • Manual sliding gates – easy to use sliding gates are the optimal choice for locations with limited space to open a gate. Providing high-quality security.
  • Automatic sliding gates – offering an exceptional level of security, automatic sliding gates’ heights range from 1.8m to 2.4m and widths from 2.0m to 6.0m.
  • Automatic bi-folding gates – designed to close 2 times quicker than traditional swing gates. The gates are fully customisable, providing a lot of options. Heights range from 1.8m to 2.4m and widths from 2.5m to 8m.

All our gates are supplied with correct posts and fixings for a smooth assembly. Although, the option for additional posts, pales, rails, or fixings is available.

Palisade Fencing Accessories

Our offering includes a range of palisade fencing accessories. Even though, we sell palisade fencing in kits with the required parts for installation – the accessories which are sold separately are high-quality parts that aren’t essential for the correct assembly or are here to protect from damages.

Palisade Posts

The posts are sold separately to provide a replacement for damaged sections of your palisade fencing. Palisade posts are available in both ‘dig-in’ and ‘bolt down’ varieties, and can be bought as end kits, corner kits, and intermediate posts. They can also be galvanized, or powder coated to match your current palisade system.

Palisade Pales

Our palisade pales are available in four different types and can be found in a range of heights, so you can pick the one most suitable for you. Like our posts, our individual palisade pales can also be galvanised, or powder coated, so they’re uniform to your existing system.

Palisade Rails

Palisade rails are designed to suit 2.75m wide bays and are available as top or bottom rails that are suitable for any height of palisade. They can be powder coated or galvanized to match your current system.

Palisade Fixings

Our range includes a variety of palisade fixings. Including bolts, fishplates, corners, end kits, and cement. All of these can be purchased individually where and when required to repair damages.

We also offer a Fix It Kit for Palisade – for the annoying occasions where something slightly goes wrong. Whether it’s a lost bolt or scuffed paint. The kit contains two straight fishplates, two M12 x 30mm Nuts and Bolts, five M8 x 25mm Nuts and Bolts, and a can of touch up spray paint (for PPC finish only).

Additionally, Quick Install Resin Kit (for M16 or M12 bolts) includes: M16/M12 x 210mm SDS Masonry Drill Bit; Injection Resin Cleaning Brush; Blow Out Pump; Heavy-Duty Resin Applicator Gun. Although, be wary as resin anchors are less forgiving for poor installation technique. But if done correctly it’s the superior way of fixing your posts to the ground.

Gate Locks and Accessories

If you’re installing palisade gates, you’ll want them to stay secure. Our gate locks can take care of that. They’ve been designed to be quick and easy to install. From drop bolts to digital locks.

Some of our gate locks and accessories are supplied by Gatemaster – who’re known to ‘make things simple, robust, and fit for purpose’. These secure & reliable locks are compatible with all our palisade gates.

While also working as an intruder deterrent, ensuring pedestrian safety, and providing secure access to verified personnel.

Our gate locks inventory includes:

Palisade Anti-Climb Systems

We also offer anti-climb systems to increase your palisade fencing security even more with the use of rotating spikes or barbed wire. The systems can be installed on the top of fencing to protect from intruders climbing the fence.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is available in standard, high tensile, or HD high tensile 2 ply. It’s also one of the most commonly used intruder deterrents.

It includes sharp 4-pointed barbs spaced out equally along the length of the wire. It’s made from high quality galvanised steel – suitable for outdoor environments.

Rotating Spike Systems

Rotating spikes provide a non-aggressive alternative for anti-climb systems. These systems are ideal for high-security areas e.g., offices, banks, etc.

To install rotating spikes you’ll need accessories, which include: adjustable corners, sockets, and supports. The rotating spikes aren’t designed to inflict injury to intruders, while still maintaining an image of a strong visual deterrent.

Moreover, the rotating spike system is designed in a way to prevent anyone from grabbing on it to climb a fence, as the system rotates.

Installation Service

If you’ve found yourself in a place where you’re in need to fence of an area with palisade fencing but can’t accommodate the installation process yourself.

First Fence offers installation services. Not only will we deliver fencing straight to the desired address, but we can also put it up – making sure everything meets the highest security standards.

Final thoughts

Palisade fencing is considered a high-security option. Made with durability, security, and longevity in mind. It can also be upgraded with additional accessories, based on your needs. Which can include beefing up security or even custom colours to match the surrounding aesthetic.

In this blog, we’ve covered all the information you need before committing to purchasing palisade fencing. Hopefully, this helped with your considerations and pushed you to make the right decision.

Lastly, if you’re working on securely fencing in events or festivals – feel free to check out our blog on how to choose the right fencing option when organising an event?