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Railings are a very popular choice for many public and domestic locations as they offer a safe and attractive design. Suitable for places which require a low to medium level of security, Railings are useful for providing boundary demarcation around properties or outdoor areas.

Our Railings and Gates are made from high quality steel which is galvanised with zinc to help prevent rust development. A powder coated finish is also an available option for our steel Railings and Gates and this will enhance the appearance of the Railings system, as well as increasing it’s resilience to factors such as weathering and vandalism.

Railings should be erected with Bolt Down Posts if installed on hard ground and with Dig-In Posts if installed on softer ground. Railings are also available in a Bow Top or Vertical Bar style, which each offer different benefits in terms of safety, security and style.

Railings are available in a range of heights, which will allow you to choose the security fencing system that will meet your site security requirements best.


Choosing the right system

Standard Railings contain solid railing bars which are welded to the bottom bar of the panel. Standard Railings can be erected on level or sloping ground, however the railing panels will need to be stepped if installed on sloping ground as they cannot be adjusted.

Self-Raking Railings contain hollow railing bars which sit within the bottom rail of the panel; which allows the panel to be adjusted if it is installed on a slope. If a Self-Raking Railing system is erected on sloping ground with an incline no greater than 20 degrees, it can be adjusted so that it runs parallel to the ground below.

Standard and Self-Raking Railing systems are available in both Bow Top and Vertical Bar varieties.


Bow Top vs Vertical Bar Railings – Design differences

Bow Top Railings have railing bars which feature rounded tops which make the system extremely safe, as well as difficult to climb over. They offer a more attractive Railings design which is popular for residential areas.

Vertical Bar Railings have railing bars which feature square cut tops. These Railings are also difficult to climb over and are often a popular choice for public locations.

Both Bow Top Railings and Vertical Bar Railings can be constructed so that they run in a straight line, go round corners or join back on themselves. Both types of Railings offer a good level of site security, yet still allowing visibility through the security fencing system.


Gates and Railings

A Railing Gate can be installed within a Railings system to provide an access point for pedestrians or vehicles which require site entry. Railing Gates are fully lockable and are useful for maintaining the security of the location when the gate is not in use.

Railing Gates are available in Bow Top and Vertical Bar Railing varieties.

First Fence makes standard manual swing Railing Gates which are compatible with both Standard Railing systems and Self-Raking Railing systems.

There are three types of gate available:

  • Pedestrian Gates – 1.2m wide and available in heights ranging from 1.0m – 2.1m (up to 2.4m for Vertical Bar).
  • Single Leaf Gates – Available in widths between 2.0m and 5.0m, and in heights of 1.0m to 2.1m (up to 2.4m for Vertical Bar).
  • Double Leaf Gates –Available in widths between 2.0m and 10.0m, and in heights of 1.0m to 2.1m. (up to 2.4m for Vertical Bar).


Locations and Functions

Bow Top and Vertical Bar Railings are designed for permanent installation and are suitable for a variety of outdoor locations. Railings offer a low to medium level security fencing system, as well as safety and style. They are extremely durable and robust.

Railings are often installed around:

  • Schools
  • Commercial businesses
  • Parks
  • Housing Developments
  • Driveway entrances


Safety and Aesthetics

Due to their safe design, Railings are commonly used in areas where children or members of the public are often present. Unlike Palisade Fencing, Railings do not contain any sharp points or edges and have a less intimidating appearance, so they will not cause harm if climbed; however the shape and position of the railing bars still make the Railings difficult to climb.

Railings are galvanised as standard for protection against rust and powder coating is also available in a range of RAL colours. A powder coated finish will provide Railings with a brighter appearance, as well as a more durable and smooth finish.


What we offer

Included with the Railing bays are the bolts and fixings required to install the system. Either steel Dig-In or Bolt Down Posts will be supplied, depending on whether you are assembling the Railing system on soft or harder terrain.

Both Bow Top and Vertical Bar Railings are available in Standard and Self-Raking varieties. Standard systems have non-raking solid steel rails that have a diameter of 10mm, whereas our Self-Raking systems are made from hollow cold-rolled steel and are 24mm in diameter and are more heavy duty. Railings and Gates are available in a range of heights from 1.0m to 2.4m high (up to 2.1m in Bow Top).

Delivery/Fabrication Options

At First Fence, we offer a range of delivery options on our products. To find out more please visit our delivery page.

We also offer custom made Railing systems from our fabrication department. If you would like a bespoke Railing system, then please contact us with your requirements and we will be able to help.

If you would like any more details about the services we provide please call us on 01283 512 111 and a member of our Sales Team will be happy to help.

First Fence offer a fast Delivery Service and supply to customers throughout the UK. 

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