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Garden Fence
Secure Perimeter Solution for Garden Fence
08 September, 2023

Client: Kenneth Hutt

Installer: First Fence Ltd

Location: Edinburgh

Project: Installation of Twin Mesh Fencing


Kenneth was looking for a security fencing solution to go around his garden. He wanted it to be aesthetically pleasing and provide visibility. There was also a requirement for an access point that needed to be installed within the fence line.

In addition to the supply of the goods, Kenenth wanted the fencing to be installed by a team that were able to construct the fencing effectively and efficiently.


Security Concerns – The customer required a secure permanent solution for their garden fence.

Aesthetics – The fencing and gate solution needed to provide visibility and be aesthetically pleasing as it was for the garden.

Install – Kenneth was unable to install himself so required an additional service for this.


After discussing the range of security fencing that we offer at First Fence, Kenneth decided to go with our Twin Mesh Fencing and Gate to match.

Twin mesh fencing is an ideal choice for residential and public areas that require a robust, long-lasting fencing system. The panels are exceptionally strong and is extremely difficult to cut through, providing the security that Kenneth was looking for.

With a matching mesh gate available in the required height the customer was looking for, it was the ideal solution for Kenneth.

It is available in a range of heights, and we can powder coat the twin mesh to a range of RAL colours, allowing the aesthetics of Kenneth’s Garden to be uncompromised when installing.

Our Approved Installers were able to ensure Kenneth’s Garden was fully secure with the installation of the twin mesh fencing and gate taking place shortly after the delivery of goods.

Client Testimonial

“My experience with First Fence was a pleasant one. The ordering team were very friendly and efficient all products arrived on time. I also got my fence installed by the same company.

Which also was fitted promptly and effectively. I would also like to say the chaps doing the installation were also very friendly and polite.

All in all, I would recommend this company if you require a fence to be purchased or installed.

Thanks again First Fence.”


By installing our twin mesh fencing and matching gate, Kenneth now has a secure permanent perimeter system around his garden, that matches the surroundings perfectly.

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