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How Can I Use Railway Sleepers in my Garden?

03 August 2023Appears in Products
How Can I Use Railway Sleepers in my Garden?
Our Timber Railway Sleepers are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your garden, adding that natural touch and functionality to your outdoor space.

So, what are Timber Sleepers?

Timber sleepers, also known as railway sleepers and wooden sleepers are rectangular beams that have a range of uses. They have been used in railway construction for many years due to their various properties and advantages.

They have a range of uses beyond this traditional application, read how you can use our timber sleepers in your garden…

What are the benefits of using Timber Sleepers?

Once timber sleepers are treated, they are extremely durable as they will be resistant to decay and weathering, meaning they’re great for long term use in outdoor environments.

They are also cost-effective compared to some alternatives and are relatively easy to install, repair or replace when necessary.

What are some creative ways to use timber sleepers into my Garden Design?

Garden Edging - Use timber sleepers to create attractive borders and edging in your outdoor space. The natural look of wood adds a rustic element to your garden, and the railway sleepers can help define and separate areas.

Raised Garden Beds – Build raised garden beds using timber sleepers. They provide a defined area for planting flowers, vegetables, or herbs, making gardening easier too!

Retaining Walls – Create attractive and functional walls using timber sleepers to level off different areas of your garden (Take a look at our youtube shorts on installing timber sleepers).

Steps and Stairs – Construct Garden steps or stairs using our timber sleepers as a pathway to higher area or to section of parts of your garden.

Decking or Patio – Build a deck or patio using timber sleepers as a base for an outdoor seating area or creating a space for you to have a separate outdoor dining area.

Seating – Make Garden benches or a comfortable seating area to create the perfect outdoor living area for you and any guests.

Pathways – Lay timber sleepers horizontally or vertically to form garden pathways and walkways.

Play Areas - Design a children’s play area using railway sleepers for sandboxes, mini climbing structures, or raised platforms.

Water Features – Build a small pond or waterfall using the timber sleepers for the frame.

How do I maintain my Timber Sleepers?

Once treated, the timber sleepers are relatively easy to maintain.

As long as you inspect your timber sleepers regularly for any signs of damage and keep them clean, you should be able to keep them looking well-preserved in your garden.

It’s worth remember, that when a sleeper comes into contact with any substrate that holds moisture (soil, earth, clay and similar), it’s often recommend to isolate the timber sleeper with a protective barrier (such as damp proof membrane (DPM) to slow down any decay.

How do I preserve my sleepers?

With a widely believed creosote ban due in Autumn of 2023, it’s important to use more environmentally friendly alternatives to preserve your timber sleepers. We suggest Creosolve, in either dark or light brown.

How can I order Timber Sleepers from First Fence?

Our timber sleepers are competitively priced, and available in both Brown and Green colour options, so you can choose which best suits your garden design.

We also have the option to purchase individually, or in packs of 100.

First Fence also offers a range of accessories to help with using your sleepers. From RSJ Posts, Hammerite paint for your RSJ Posts and Creosolve.

They are in stock at our Nationwide Depots, meaning that you can click and collect for free, or you have the option for delivery as early as same and next day.

Shop Online or Call our Sales Team for more information today at 01283 512 111.