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Proper Dog
06 April, 2022

This customer was looking for a safe, secure, enclosed area for their horse, Jago.

Jago recently had an operation meaning that he had to remain in the stables for a certain number of weeks, so the customer was looking for an ideal solution to bridge the gap between the stables and being totally free in a large open field.

It was important to be able to get Jago back out into the field, grazing on the grass but be safe enough that he wouldn’t injure himself.

The solution also needed to be temporary, and the system needed to be easy to move around the field so that Jago could have a fresh patch of grass to graze on every so often.

After considering a few different options, the customer decided to go with our round top temporary fencing panels and thermoplastic feet.

As these offer great strength and stability, they would make sure Jago was safe and secure in the enclosure but still had enough space to move around. They’d also be able to see him through as the panels have good visibility, and they are completely reusable so can be easily moved and stored away for any future purposes.

"We required somewhere secure for our horse, Jago to recover after being in a stable for 6 weeks due to an operation. The fencing really helped bridge the gap between the stable and a huge field – thank you for quick delivery and great customer service."

Proper Dog

Our temporary fencing panels are available to purchase and hire, so are the ideal solution for any short to medium-term fencing requirements.

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