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Theme Park Fencing
Isle of Wight
Blackgang Chine Theme Park Fencing
14 August, 2023

After meeting First Fence at the Holiday Parks Show in 2022, Blackgang Chine Theme Park got in touch as they were looking for a security fencing to go around their new ride for 2023, ‘Extinction’.

The ride is a swing and is set in a location that provides a unique experience … off the edge of a cliff. However, with this comes the need for safety and security.

The Government Health & Safety Executive requires amusement parks to ensure that all fences and barriers are in place and are in good condition. Therefore, Blackgang Chine were looking for a permanent security fencing solution that met all these requirements, while still offering great visibility for visitors when on the ride.

Blackgang Chine Theme Park needed several access points for staff, and for visitors to go into the ride area and then as an exit too, so required multiple gates.

Alongside the gates and perimeter fencing around the ride area, they also needed a fence line to guide visitors when queueing, with many children visiting the attraction, this needed have safety at the forefront of their minds when deciding on a product.

After speaking to our Sales Team, both at the event and over the phone, they decided on our twin mesh fencing in black with matching double leaf and single leaf gates to provide the number of access points that they required. This also enabled them to have the visibility that they wanted as one of the key selling points of the ride is that you can see over the cliff when on it.

Our twin mesh security fencing is exceptionally strong, resilient and is perfect for use near children or young adults, to keep them safe, making it the ideal solution for the theme park.

For the queue line, they chose our Safetop mesh fencing as this only needed to be a low to medium level of security and contains a ‘rolled down’ top that contains no sharp points or edges, making it a safer option for them.

The end result looks great, and the ride is proving an excellent attraction at their theme park.

Contact our Sales Team on 01283 372 018 or at for all your fencing requirements