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Importance of Railings: Ways That Railings Can Provide a Safe and Secure Play Area

30 July 2021Appears in Products
Importance of Railings: Ways That Railings Can Provide a Safe and Secure Play Area
Allowing children to play outside is important for their development, and there is growing evidence to support the health and social benefits of outdoor learning. Creating a specific safe play zone will also divert children's attention away from potentially dangerous activities. It's meaningless to spend time and money finding a variety of kid-friendly equipment and activities if the play area is made dangerous by the use of insecure fencing and gates.

Schools Out, Fence In!

Summer Holidays are the perfect time to install your railing security systems around the play areas to keep the kids safe!

School summer holidays are the perfect time to consider installing or upgrading your current security system. All systems are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel and can be customised to your requirements with varying heights, powder coating finishes and a choice of dig in or bolt down posts.

Sturdy and reliable playground fencing will not only look good but provide children with a safe and secure playground that will considerably reduce the risks of them coming to harm. This article will look at ways in which security gates and fencing can be used to provide a safer play area.

Our railing systems are a popular choice when it comes to public locations. They offer an attractive, uniform aesthetic all whilst being safe and secure, particularly useful around children! Railing systems are perfect for areas that require a low to medium level of security but require a good visibility. Playgrounds and outdoor areas may require these boundary railings to ensure play zones are kept safe.

Railing systems are obtainable in diverse arrangements such as self-raking, vertical and bow top which all come in various heights and widths. Our bow top systems are most popular around children as the railings have the possibility of being supplied as RoSPA certified. With the bow top variety, there are no sharp edges to be concerned about making them extraordinarily popular with schools and play centres.

Our railings and gates have been made from high quality steel and galvanised with zinc to prevent rust developing. The optional powder coating is not only uniform and pleasing to the eye, but also beneficial by increasing resilience to weathering and vandalism.

We can supply these railings with matching gates; single leaf and double leaf all in a variety of heights and widths. As well as these variables, we can also provide various powder coating colours to customise to your specific project needs.

Alongside all our railing systems described above, we also offer a variety of accessories to suit both. Our expansive range of security systems means that there are differing benefits for you to choose from for your project, safety, security and style.

We have recently introduced a gate closer range from Gatemaster. Gate Closers are a self-closing, easy-to-install system that closes a gate or external door at a safe, consistent, and controlled speed. Our two new gate closers can be fixed to the bracket by either welding on closing gas strut or screw fixed hydraulic closer fitting them to a range of different types of new and existing gates, they can be simply attached to the existing hinges and are perfect for school gates and playground.

Safe and secure play area with gated access

The entrance to a playground should be broad enough for pushchairs and wheelchairs to enter without difficulty, with a minimum aperture of one metre. Gates should open outwards unless doing so would endanger others, such as cyclists and pedestrians, and gates should close automatically to improve security. To avoid striking a youngster or someone in a wheelchair, the gate should not close quicker than five seconds.

Use durable materials

Older children frequently visit the playground late at night, which, in the worst-case situation, could lead to anti-social behaviour, graffiti, and vandalism. Installing robust fencing and gates, as well as galvanising and powder coating, can help to prevent or deter the destruction of playground equipment.

Keep dogs and other animals out

As previously said, security gates should open outwards and if possible be self-closing, as an outward opening gate is perfect for preventing the infiltration of dogs and other animals such as foxes. These animals frequently make a mess, which becomes a health issue for any child that uses the playground.