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Temporary Fencing Panels

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
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Temporary Fencing Panels

Temporary Fencing offers great versatility and can be used again and again. There are many different Temporary Fence Panels to choose from which are suitable for different locations and situations.

All Temporary Fence Panels are assembled in the same way with couplers and feet and are very easy to erect. Temporary Fencing Panels can also be stacked so they are easy to transport from place to place. Whether you require a Temporary Fencing system to maintain the security of your temporary construction site or need to indicate restricted areas at an outdoor event, steel Temporary Fencing will provide you with high quality and cost-effective system.

Standard - A regularly used type, this panel has a square top.

Round Top with Centre Bar - A strong round top panel with centre bar for increased strength of the fencing panel to make it more secure.

Heavy Duty - A very strong and robust panel, this is the heaviest that we offer. Available with either a square or round top.

Ex-Hire - These second-hand panels are available at a lower price. They may contain aesthetic damage but they still offer a great deal of strength and durability.


SmartWeld 100

All our Temporary Fence Panels have been manufactured with SmartWeld 100 technology. Using this technique means that panel joints are up to 70% stronger than if they were made using the traditional MIG welding technique. On a standard MIG welded panel, wire infill bars are only welded at certain points, whereas with our panels every wire is welded to the outer frame of the Temporary Fencing Panel. These wires are also tensioned when they are fixed to the frame; preventing the mesh from sagging and ensuring a much more rigid structure.


To help prevent rust from developing over time, all Temporary Fencing is galvanised with a zinc coating and this finish meets the BS EN 10244-2 standard. The galvanised finish acts as a protective shield against damage caused by weathering, so the Temporary Fencing can remain in a good condition.

The essentials

When installing a Temporary Fencing system, it is imperative that the correct fixtures are used to ensure maximum safety and stability. Temporary Fencing is not designed for permanent installation so it cannot be cemented or bolted to the ground.

For a stable base, Thermoplastic Feet designed specifically for Temporary Fencing should be used. Temporary Fencing couplers should also be fitted to provide a secure connection between each panel and we offer standard Couplers, as well as Anti-Tamper Couplers which will provide extra security.

At First Fence we offer a wide range of Temporary Fencing Accessories which are ideal for providing your fencing system with increased safety, security and stability.

To browse our full range of fixtures please view our Temporary Fencing Accessories page.


Temporary Fencing can be customized with a range of accessories so that it meets structural requirements. There is also the option to include your company branding or details on your Temporary Fencing with corporate sign tagging.

Temporary Fencing Kits

Temporary Fencing can be bought as a kit, which is especially handy if you are buying large quantities to cover a large perimeter around your site. By purchasing a kit you can ensure that you have the right products and the right amount needed to build a high-quality Temporary Fencing system.

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