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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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Metal Stillages for temporary fencing, crowd barriers and feet

A stillage provides a safe and effective storage and transportation solution for temporary fencing, crowd control barriers and rubber or thermoplastic feet. Able to be used again and again, they are a sustainable alternative to single use packing alternatives such as wrapping plastics such as cling film.

Also known as stacking pallets or pallet frames, stillages are considered to be a more specialised and heavy duty alternative to pallets. Each stillage has been constructed from high quality self-coloured steel and is supported by feet which gives them a raised ground clearance allowing for them to easily moved by equipment such as a fork lift or pump truck.

Each of these steel stillages feature four posts, these posts are positioned to hold the panels or feet securely in place, preventing them from falling or sliding during transportation. To make the loading and unloading of these stillages easier, the posts can be removed and slid back into place as required.

The posts also allow these stillages to be stacked on top of one another. By stacking them, this increases the amount of available floor space within a warehouse, or within a lorry during transportation, when maximising space may be a priority.

Key Features:

  • Durable steel construction – Each of these stillages has been made from high quality self-coloured steel, providing strength and stability for your fencing panels, barriers or fencing feet.
  • Stackable design – Each of these stillages has been designed so that it can be stacked, maximising storage space within a warehouse or increasing the amount of items which can be loaded into the back of a lorry.
  • Cost-effective and sustainable – Designed to be used again and again, these stillages contribute to cost savings, the posts also prevent the items from moving, preventing them from falling and decreasing the risk of damage. They also help to reduce the environmental impact of using single use materials such as cling films and plastic wrappings.
  • Designed for easy transportation – With a high ground clearance and fabricated lifting points, also known as forklift pockets, these stillages can be easily moved with the use of equipment such as a fork lift or pump truck.

Universal Fence Panel Stillage

The universal fence panel stillage has been designed to hold either:

  • 30 UK specification square top or round top temporary fencing panels
  • 28 Euro standard specification square temporary fencing panels
  • 27 Euro Heavy Duty (HD) specification square temporary fencing panels

Crowd control barrier stillage

These crowd control barrier stillages are able to hold up to 25 of fixed leg crowd control barriers

Hoarding stillage

The hoarding stillages have been designed to be adjustable to hold up to 25 2.0m or up to 20 2.4m high steel hoarding panels.

Cycle Barrier stillage

The Cycle Barrier stillage is able to hold up to 10 cycle barriers safely and securely.

Fence feet stillage

Each of the fence feet stillages is able to hold up to 50 rubber feet

Contact us

Our friendly and helpful sales team are here to assist with any questions or additional information you may require about any of our steel stillages. We can be reached via phone on 01283 512 111, by email at or through our online live chat service.

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