Security Fencing

Security Fencing

Palisade Fencing, Mesh Fencing and Railings can be a great solution for outdoor locations which need to provide a high level of security. Available as an easy to order kit, we can also supply compatible gates and accessories for your fencing system.

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Palisade Fencing | Mesh Fencing | Railings

Temporary Security Fencing & Safety Barriers

Temporary Security Fencing & Safety Barriers

As well as security fencing for permanent installation, we are also able to provide temporary security fencing and safety barriers to suit your requirements.

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Temporary Fencing | Steel Hoarding | Armco Safety Barriers


Palisade Fencing

With steel spikes and an intimidating appearance, Palisade Fencing is a popular choice of security fencing for industrial and commercial sites across the UK. Made from high quality galvanised steel (meeting BS EN ISO 1461:2009 standards) and cold rolled during it’s manufacture, Palisade is both lighter in weight and incredibly strong.


Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing is a strong and long-lasting security fencing solution which is supplied with a powder coated finish to further increase resilience. Another key benefit to using Mesh Fencing is that apertures between the wire mesh allow CCTV footage through the fencing system. With a choice of 358 Prison Mesh, ‘V’ Mesh and 656/868 Twin Mesh, there is always a solution to your steel fencing requirements.



Railing systems are ideal for locations which require a low to medium level of security and where attractive boundary demarcation is needed. With a safe and stylish design, Railings are most suitable for domestic locations, as well as public areas such as parks, public gardens, commercial businesses and housing developments. Here at First Fence, we strive to meet the needs of all our customers, which is why we offer both Standard steel Railings and Self-Raking steel Railings.


Temporary Security Fencing

Temporary Security Fencing is a highly popular choice for construction sites and outdoor events due to it’s versatility and ease of use. Made from high quality galvanised steel (meets BS EN 10244-2 standards), Temporary Fencing is durable and robust system which can be reused multiple times. It contains a wire mesh infill which makes the Temporary Fencing panels wind resistant. Temporary Security Fencing is manufactured using SmartWeld 100 technology.


Steel Site Hoarding

Installing Steel Hoarding around your temporary construction site will allow you to maintain site security and keep tools, equipment and materials private, as well as keeping passing pedestrians safe from flying debris, for example.


Armco Safety Barriers Systems

Armco Safety Barriers are made from high quality galvanised steel and are designed to reduce the level of damage caused from the impact of a collision. Designed for permanent installation, Armco Safety Barrier systems are often installed around car parks, agricultural areas, delivery bays and industrial sites to provide pedestrians, vehicles and buildings with safety and protection during the event of a collision.

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