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Post and Rail Fencing

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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Post and Rail Fencing

Timber post and rail fencing is a traditional and versatile fencing style that has been used for centuries. It consists of vertical posts that support horizontal rails, creating a simple yet effective barrier. This type of fencing is often chosen for its rustic appearance and natural aesthetic.

This style of fencing is commonly used for boundary marking, providing a clear demarcation between different pieces of land. It is popular on farms for containing livestock. The open design allows for easy visibility and maintenance.

Timber post and rail fencing can also be used in residential settings to define garden areas, create borders, or enhance the overall landscaping. It has a rustic and traditional look that adds natural beauty to the landscape. It complements rural and suburban settings.

It can be adapted to various purposes and environments and can be installed in straight lines or curves, making it suitable for different terrains. Post and Rail fencing offers remarkable versatility, allowing you to tailor the number of rails to your specific preferences.

The most common choice is to have 2-3 rails, providing a timeless aesthetic with a balance between openness and definition. However, for those seeking a more distinctive style, the option to include four or more rails is available. This flexibility ensures that Post and Rail fencing can be personalised to meet your requirements.

Compared to some other types of fencing, timber post and rail fencing can be more cost-effective, especially when using locally sourced materials.

First Fence stocks a 125mm x 75mm post in both 1.8m and 2.1m heights. The rail is available as a 3.6m x 87mm x38mm format. These products are all rough sawn timber and Tanalised Green, produced from Norway Spruce - Picea Abies or Sitka Spruce, felled predominantly from North Wales, sourced from an FSC approved supplier.

This is a dig in type fencing style and so will need Post Mix to ensure a solid foundation, this is available from First Fence and can be added to your order. 100mm x 4.5mm Round Wire Nails are recommended for fixing your post and rail fence, these too are available to add to your purchase.

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While post and rail fencing are a classic choice, we offer a diverse range of timber fencing solutions to perfectly match your needs and style. Whether you prioritise functionality, timeless elegance, or something unique, we have something for you:

Timber Knee Rail: This versatile knee-high barrier adds a touch of definition and style to parks, car parks, pathways, and borders. Ideal for low-maintenance demarcation with a natural look.

Traditional Timber Panels: Embrace classic charm with our pre-made panels. Choose from various styles and sizes to find the perfect fit for your project. Easy installation with all necessary accessories available.

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