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Guard Rails

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Guard Rails


Guard rails can be used in a variety of places and for a number of purposes. They are generally used as a form of protective barrier, where they provide people with safety and separation from hazardous areas. Examples of guard rail uses include:

Situated next to roads and junctions for protection/boundary

Along staircases and outdoor steps for support/protection

Around the edge of balconies for protection

Along steep walkways for support/protection

Around play areas for protection/boundary

Outside schools for protection/boundary

The most common function for this particular type of guard rail is to provide safety for pedestrians in traffic populated areas. With so many vehicles on the road today, it is important that public pavements and highways are supplied with clear, strong divides, so that everyone can reach their destination safely. As pedestrian guard rails contain railings within their construction, drivers and pedestrians are provided with a solid barrier that does not obstruct visibility.

Style and Structure

Depending on what you require your guard rail for, you can choose to have a guard rail that has a Sight Top or No Sight Top.

Guard rail without Sight Top is the basic choice of guard rail as it contains only infill bars.

Guard rail with Sight Top is perhaps the most popular choice of guard rail and along with infill bars; it has an additional gap in the upper part of the frame to supply a clear section for view. Infill bars can have either an in-line or staggered positioning within the guard rail structure and these will offer variations of visibility.

Guard rails are predominantly fixed by casting the vertical posts of a structure into concrete ground, although base plates may be requested instead if that is what you require. The structure is held together by bolts and is not difficult to install.

Guard Rail Dimensions:

Height of frame (outer vertical posts) – 1372mm

Height of upper part of the frame (with infill bars and/or sight top) – 940mm

Width of the frame (upper and lower horizontal rails) – 2000mm

Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) of the frame – 50 x 30mm

Width of Infill bars – 12mm


All of our guard rail structures are made from steel and meet BS EN ISO 1461:2009 galvanising standards. Galvanisation helps to minimise rusting of the guard rail as much as possible. We also offer a Polyester Powder Coating finish if you wish to inject colour into your guard rail; giving it a bolder appearance and a higher level of visibility. Powder coating is also very hard-wearing and is able to last for a long period of time despite the effects of weathering. We can supply Powder Coating in a range of colour options.

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