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School Fencing & Railings
Upgrading Primary School Fencing
08 September, 2023

Client: Thurgoland CofE Primary School

Fencing Contractor: Axo Leisure Ltd

Location: Sheffield

Project: Installation of Bow Top Railings


Axo Leisure were looking for an aesthetically pleasing fencing solution to go around some of the classroom areas at a primary school. The choice needed to be safe, secure and be delivered before the children returned after the School Holidays.


Safety – The children’s safety and security was paramount, so the fencing needed to be child friendly, and not pose any risks such as being sharp.

Aesthetics – The school didn’t want this solution to compromise on the aesthetics of the rest of the surroundings, and wanted it to tie in nicely with other areas at the school.

Security Concerns – Acting as an additional security measure for the school to safeguard the children.

Design – The fencing also needed to be installed on wooden timber sleepers, so needed to be secure and bolt down onto these.

Durability – The school is used daily, so they wanted to make sure that this wouldn’t be something that needed to be regularly maintained or changed due to budget constraints.

Time – They required the goods to be available so that install could happen before the children went back to school.


Axo Leisure shared the challenges that the School had been facing with our Sales Team, and we were then able to suggest our Bow Top Railings.

Bow Top Railings are designed for areas such as schools and playgrounds, so have children at the forefront of any application. There are no sharp edges, and they are manufactured using high quality steel with the addition of the powder coating for extra resilience and durability.

These are available in a range of colours, so would be able to tie in nicely with the rest of the school surroundings, ensuring that the overall aesthetics were not compromised. The Bow Top Railings were powder coated in Green for the school and First Fence ensured that this would be complete in time for Axo Leisure to install before September.

Our Bow Top Railings come in a range of heights and are available in a bolt down option, so that the school can install onto the wooden timber railway sleepers like they wanted.

Client Testimonial

“Thanks for getting this to us on time so we could install it before the school returns next week.”


By installing Bow Top Railings at Thurgoland CofE Primary School, they have been able to enhance both safety and aesthetics at the school.

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