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Caenhill Countryside Centre
08 December, 2022

Caenhill Countryside Centre looking for a secure fencing system that was competitively priced, as they were on a tight budget.

They needed to secure their pond area for a variety of their birds, so that they could go in the pond and have space but be protected from bird flu that is currently circulating.

Due to the bird flu only being for a temporary amount of time, they wanted something that would be secure for their birds but could be then put away or reused for an alternative purpose another time.

Our standard temporary fencing panels are easy to install, competitively priced and were the ideal solution for keeping the bird’s safe and secure.

Brilliant Service and Brilliant Delivery!

- Caroline Le Bourgeois at Caenhill Countryside Centre

The team found them easy to assemble, and already have another use for them in the future as they are looking at fencing in their emu’s too, making them a great investment for the centre.

The temporary fencing panels are connected with couplers or anti-tamper couplers, (if you require more security), ensuring that the panels remain continuous and secure.

We look forward to working more with Caenhill Countryside Centre in the future!

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