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Tube Clamp Self Closing Gates

21 May 2018Appears in Products
Tube Clamp Self Closing Gates
A brand new and exciting product joining our high-class range here at first fence is the Tube Clamp Self Closing Gates

Brand New Self Closing Gates

A brand new and exciting product joining our high-class range here at first fence is the Tube Clamp Self Closing Gates. These gates present a high level of security for personnel and the public. A high quality resilient product, these gates could provide the added security and accessibility that you need for your Handrail Systems. They include multiple features that have been designed specifically for optimum performance no matter where you wish to use them, or for what reason you wish to use them for.

Features and Uses

Our Self Closing Gates are highly effective for use in all manner of areas and for all manner of needs. The most popular of these would be fall prevention usage. The gates can be set up in high up areas that could be a fall hazard, but, due to the Self Closing Spring Loaded Hinge the gates are guaranteed to self-close, meaning they are never left open leaving a gap for personnel to fall through. These Spring Loaded hinges are tension adjustable, meaning that you can set the required amount of force needed to close the gate. The Self Closing Gates are designed to suit all D48 tubes and have a maximum opening of 1 metre. This means that should you need a smaller opening width you can simply cut the tubes down in order to accommodate your needs. The gates are also height adjustable in order to fit into any system you may already have. The gates can be used for areas in which personnel protection is a necessity. These include dangerous areas which could lead to harm such as: Stairways, Walkways, Segregated Zones, Ladders and Warehouses

Customisation and Specification

Our gates are all made of high quality galvanised steel that comes as a standard option. The galvanisation of the gates adds to the strength and durability of the gate and the system, as well as high tolerance of rust. As well as this galvanised option we also offer a yellow powder coating option. This provides a high visibility option for areas in which you may find you need it. This adds peripheral vision aids for areas in which people may be walking past. Our gates come as a standard one metre option and are completely height adjustable.


Tube Clamp Self Closing Gates are also very easy to install. They come in a kit that allows for easy manoeuvrability as well as installation. The gates are equipped with Interclamp fittings. These are added for durability and corrosion resistance to further extend the product's life. These fitting also mean that the gates are quick and easy to assemble with a minimal need for tools, meaning no welding is needed making the install quick and clean.

Handrail Systems

These gates are compatible with our Handrail Systems. These include our complete systems, steel tubes, fittings and guard rails, these can all work together in order to build a handrail system that is completely customisable for your needs. Our handrail systems come with multiple different fitting options for both size 7 and size 8 tubes, allowing you to create almost any shape you wish for your handrail system. Our tube clamps are designed to allow you to build any structure you wish and they work seamlessly with our new Self Closing Gates.