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Stock up on security fencing systems for your summer events

18 May 2016Appears in Products
Stock up on security fencing systems for your summer events
Summer is only around the corner with lots of events taking place across the UK.

Summer in the UK is one thing we all look forward to because it's the most exciting time of the year. What makes it more interesting is the wide spread of events that take place across the nation. Whether you are planning a music festival, firework display, charity football match or an exhibition, First Fence can provide you with a great temporary solution.

We all know that outdoor events involve queuing, it might be a small queue, or it might even be a large queue, but they still require having a manageable system. It is important to put the welfare of the public and staff as one of the main priorities when organising an event. Here at First Fence, we have a wide range of temporary solutions to help manage pedestrian traffic and site security.

In previous years we have supplied Silverstone with our RB2000 Water Barriers which provided a safety barrier for both pedestrians and vehicles as they can withstand heavy impacts. Our RB2000 Water Barriers are available for hire and are completely reusable. If high visibility is key, these barriers come with a vibrant red finish.

Our two most popular temporary security fencing systems are Temporary Fencing and Crowd Control Barriers. Both fencing systems can be used to manage pedestrian traffic and offer protection as they travel through the area. These systems are highly dependable and are extremely durable, as they are made from galvanised steel.

Crowd Control Barriers:

Made from high quality steel, our Crowd Control Barriers are designed to provide a temporary safety barrier. This system can be used within busy or heavily crowded areas, so if you are expecting a lot of people to attend your event, Crowd Control Barriers could help manage pedestrian traffic. We offer two types of barriers, fixed legs and loose legs in 2.3m and 2.5m lengths.


Hoarding consists of solid steel panels which provide a higher level of privacy than some of our other security systems, like Temporary Fencing. Our Hoarding range is available in 2.0m and 2.4m high and also has the option to add an additional layer of protection. A powder coated finish will enhance the systems appearance and increase its resilience. It is a reliable temporary fencing system as items/objects like cars for example, can be kept hidden from view.

Plastic Barriers:

Our Plastic Barriers are ideal for temporary traffic management and offer a high level of visibility due to their bright colours. As they are designed for temporary use, Plastic Barriers are great for reusing as they are extremely hardwearing. We have a variety of Plastic Barriers available on our website to suit a range of uses whether you are using them for events, road works or to indicate a hazardous area.

Slot Block Barriers:

Manufactured from plastic, our Slot Block Barriers are a water filled barrier that have been designed for temporary use. These are compatible with our standard size (3.5m x 2.0m approximately) Temporary Fencing Panels as they slot into the barrier and provide the fencing system with great stability. Available in red and white colours, these barriers offer a sufficient level of visibility.

Temporary Fencing:

An ideal solution for outdoor sites which require a good level of site security for a short time period. Our Temporary Fencing systems are galvanised and are available in a Square Top Temporary Fencing Panel or a Round Top Temporary Fencing Panel. This security fencing system can be used to indicate a temporary boundary around an event, for example, at a music festival as it keeps passing pedestrians safe. We have various Temporary Fencing Panels and packages available on our website.

Trench Covers:

To eliminate a hazard, our Trench Covers are used to conceal trenches or holes within a pavement or road. If your event location has various dips and holes throughout the area, these Trench Covers can supply a safe access route for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We supply various Trench Covers which offer a high level of visibility, as well as an anti-trip surface.


Our Turnstiles are available as either a Single Turnstile or a Double Turnstile, both a great solution when you are needing to provide unsupervised access control to a site entrance. These are great for football stadiums and theme parks as they are built to a high-level specification and allow pedestrians to gain access when entering and exiting a site. The Turnstiles are configurable to allow single direction or bi-directional rotation to meet your requirements.

Water Filled Barriers:

These Water Filled Barriers are specially designed to provide safety and separation where there is vehicle traffic. They offer great strength, as well as a sufficient level of visibility due to their vibrant colours. When using your Water Filled Barriers as an indicator for pedestrian traffic, they can be manually positioned to provide protection for pedestrians from passing vehicles. These barriers can be used for a temporary traffic management solution.

We do have various hire packages available on our website and we are able to discuss these deals over the phone if you prefer to speak to a member of our Team. We are able to deliver these either Same Day, Next Day, Express or Economy Delivery, alternatively, you can use our Click and Collect Service from any of our four depots across the UK. If you would like more information about First Fence supplying you with either Permanent or Temporary Fencing, then please call our 24/7 Sales line on 01283 512111.

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