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Road Safety Week: Products that can make a difference

20 November 2023Appears in Products
Road Safety Week: Products that can make a difference
This Road Safety Week, take some time to have a look at what products can help motorists slow down, and pedestrians feel safer.

What is Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week, is a nationwide campaign that focuses on raisign awareness about road safety issues. It is organisation, Brakes’ biggest annual road safety campaign and the theme for 2023 is Speed, as five people die on UK roads every day.

What can we all do to help Road Safety?

Beyond awareness campaigns and educating the general public about the importance of speed limits and slowing down on our roads. There are many practical solutions that we can implement to contribute to the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Investing in the right products can contribute to creating safer road environments.

What products can contribute to safer road environments?

Guard Rails

Guard Rails are a fundamental safety feature on roads, offering protection in various situations. They serve as a barrier between vehicles and potential hazards, preventing accidents from escalating. Robust and durable, these rails provide a physical barrier to guide traffic and minimise collisions. You have probably seen them in various applications, especially around schools.

Armco Safety Barriers

Armco Safety Barriers are designed to withstand impact during collisions, reducing the severity of accidents. Their high quality manufacturing prevents them from rusting over time, and can help to protect pedestrians, vehicles and buildings from damage that may be caused by a collision. You may have seen this in car parks and around industrial estates.

Plastic Barriers

Versatile and easy to transport and install, plastic barriers offer a temporary solution to manage traffic flow, and creating safe zones during construction or events. Their flexibility and durability make them invaluable in redirecting traffic, or creating a protective barrier.

With a range of plastic barriers available; from chapter 8 barriers, to water filled and collapsible barriers, there is a solution for a range of applications.

Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps are an effective tool for controlling vehicle speed in residential areas, school zones, and car parks. They ensure that drivers slow down, therefore improving overall road safety by reducing the risk of accidents, especially in areas where there are lots of pedestrians.


Bollards are a versatile safety post that serves multiple purposes, from protecting pedestrians on pavements to controlling vehicle access in certain areas. These sturdy posts provide a visible and physical barrier, guiding traffic and preventing any unauthorised entry.

There are also a number of other products that can help road safety, and act as an impact preventative measure.

Why is it important to incorporate these products into Road Safety?

These products can help to reduce risk and enhance overall safety. Whether it’s installing guard rails outside a school, or installing speed bumps in a residential area, these products play a vital role in creating a safer road environment.


During Road Safety Week, take the time to consider whether you are doing everything you can to create a safe road environment. Whether this is slowing down, or looking to purchase and install some of the products above on site. Understanding the importance of road safety, can help to prevent accidents and make roads safer for everyone.