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How do I know which LPS 1175 System I need?

03 October 2023Appears in Products
How do I know which LPS 1175 System I need?
How do you determine which LPS 1175 system is right for your specific needs? In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

LPS 1175 is a Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) that is used to test and certify the resistance of physical security products to forced entry. It is published by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), a UK-based, globally recognised, third-party certification body, part of the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

LPS1175 covers a wide range of security products, including fencing. The standard specifies. The standard lists the tools used, number of attackers using the tools and the minimum delay to be achieved to achieve each security rating.

Assess your Security Requirements

Before diving into the complexities of LPS 1175 ratings and systems, it is essential to start by assessing your security requirements, considering the following factors:

Risk Level – Determine the level of security risk your property or facility faces. Higher-risk areas may require more robust security measures.

Budget – Define your budget for security solutions. Understanding your financial constraints will help narrow down your options.

Regulations – Research local regulations and compliance requirements to ensure your chosen security system aligns with necessary standards. Also, those responsible for storing and handling certain materials, such as; pathogens may be the subject of regulations covering minimum security of those materials. Furthermore, insurers may have placed conditions relating to their insurance of a facility which the operator must ensure they are familiar with.

Long Term Needs – Think about your long-term security needs. Are you looking for a scalable solution that can adapt to evolving threats?

Understanding LPS1175 Ratings

LPS 1175 is divided into a number of different security ratings, each of which represents a different level of security. The security ratings are based on the type of attack that the product is designed to resist, the size and type of tools that the attacker is likely to use, and the amount of time that the attacker is likely to spend trying to gain entry.

SR1 (A1) – Offers protection against opportunistic intruders for at least 60 seconds, using a range of tools.

SR2 (B3) – Provides security against intruders using more tools and for a longer duration.

SR3 (C5) – Designed to withstand determined intruders using various tools for extended periods.

SR4 (D10) – Offers increased security against experienced criminals with extensive toolsets.

SR5 (E10) – Provides protection against highly skilled criminals with specialised tools.

SR6 (F10) – Designed to resist determined attacks with power tools.

SR7 (G10) – Offers protection against experienced criminals using advanced tools.

SR8 (H20) – Provides the highest level of security, suitable for critical infrastructure and high-value assets.

Tailor Your Choice

Once you’ve assessed your security needs and understand the LPS 1175 ratings, it’s time to tailor your choice.

Take into account the environmental conditions where the system will be installed, ensuring that it can withstand and perform optimally in these circumstances.

Understanding if any neighbouring businesses have the tools available in higher category tool kits but have weak security is also a must. Unauthorised access to these tools could easily breach the incorrectly specified fencing system.

Compatibility with your existing security measures is paramount to create a seamless and comprehensive security infrastructure.

Finally, consider the risk level of your property or premises, deciding whether SR1 (A1) is suitable or if you need a higher level of security.


Choosing the right LPS1175 system can be complex. It’s advisable to consult with professionals in the fencing industry who can help with recommendations.

Seeking expert advice will help you to make informed decisions and invest in a security solution that provides the level of protection required to protect your premises.

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