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Fencing Solutions for Playgrounds, Parks & Schools

28 February 2024Appears in Products
Fencing Solutions for Playgrounds, Parks & Schools
In playgrounds, parks and schools, fencing and gate safety is paramount.

In playgrounds, parks and schools, fencing and gate safety is paramount.

The choice of fencing plays an essential role in providing a secure and enjoyable environment for children. One fencing solution that has a number of benefits for these applications is EnviroRail® Play Sec Railings and Gates.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at what makes Play Sec railings and gates stand out, where they can be used and why they might be a preferable option in comparison to traditional railings.

What are Play Sec railings?

Play Sec railings are specially designed and crafted with the safety and security of children in mind. These railings go beyond functionality and are a blend of robust construction and playful aesthetics.

The unique design of Play Sec railings makes them an excellent choice for creating secure enclosures while maintaining a visually appealing atmosphere.

For additional safety, these railings are designed and manufactured so that the gaps between infills do not exceed 89mm I order to prevent children from being trapped, meeting BS EN 1176 standards.

In addition, our EnviroRail® Play Sec railings offer the same form of safety, with sustainability in mind too. Manufactured using a low-weld production method, these railings also meet the safety standards while considering the environment.

Don’t forget we’ve got matching gates for standard and EnviroRail® Play Sec Railings.

Where can play sec railings be used?


An ideal choice for playgrounds, play sec railings and gates offer a secure boundary that allows children to play freely without compromising their safety.

With the design ensuring that children can’t trap themselves, parents and guardians can rest easy knowing their children will be extremely safe. The playful design of these railings also adds to the aesthetic of the area, making it much more inviting for children.


In public parks where a balance between safety and aesthetics is important, play sec railings and gates provide a full permanent, secure solution.

They create an effective boundary without obstructing the open and welcoming nature of a park setting.


Educational institutions can benefit from the security features of play sec railings and gates, especially on the school yard or where children gather for recreational activities.

The railings contribute to a secure environment and are more appealing in comparison to others due to the safety standards, BS EN 1176 being met.

All of these safety factors are not compromised with the aesthetics as these railings can offer a friendly and inviting environment for students, teachers and visitors.

Why choose play sec railings over traditional railings?

Enhanced Security

Play sec railings are specifically designed with the safety of children in mind, offering a higher level of safety to traditional railing such as bow top railings.

In addition, the EnviroRail® version of these railings are manufactured with the environment and safety in mind, and their innovative design makes it difficult for children to climb or accidentally get trapped due to the 89mm gap requirement.

Creative Aesthetics

Unlike more traditional appearance of bow top or vertical bar railings, play sec railings are available in a playful design e.g. multi-coloured railing.

This allows for customisation of ranges to match with the setting or theme of the playground or school, making the premises much more visually appealing.


EnviroRail® play sec railings and gates are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, and crafted using custom formed laser cut components to create strong joins, ensuring longevity and that the products can withstand a range of weather conditions outdoors.

Being robust makes the EnviroRail® range a cost-effective, reliable choice for long-term use in a range of settings.

What are the advantages to play sec railings and gates?

Play Sec railings and gates can help to:

  • Prevent the child from running out of the safe space
  • Make it easier for parents, guardians, and teachers to control their children
  • Secures the area against persons who are not authorised to enter the playground
  • Prevents animals from entering the playground

When it comes to fencing solutions for playgrounds, parks and schools, Play Sec Railings are a unique and effective choice.

The combination of safety features, creative aesthetics and durability makes them a standout option for those looking to create secure yet inviting spaces for children to play and learn.