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Don't let your project hold up traffic

22 March 2016Appears in Products
When road maintenance is being carried out or construction work is taking place near pedestrian access routes, it is essential that the flow of traffic is not interrupted and that people are kept safe at all times.

It is now very common to see road maintenance activity as you commute to work or drive up and down the motorways, and with the UK Government s Road Investment Strategy reform taking place from 2015 until 2020, we will no doubt see more and more of this. The Government will spend around 15 billion pounds fulfilling a five year plan to improve major roads and highways across the UK including 1300 additional lane miles, safety repairs, plus noise reduction on motorways. During any road maintenance or construction project, staff must ensure that any hazards or restricted areas are shielded and clearly indicated to avoid harm. Plastic Barrier systems are a staple of any road maintenance project and here at First Fence, we offer a range of Plastic Chapter 8 Barriers for you to choose from.

So what makes Plastic Chapter 8 Barriers so popular?

Made from highly durable plastic, these Barriers are lightweight but strong and are robust enough to endure constant movement and the cold weather. Complying with Chapter 8 regulations for traffic signs, Plastic Pedestrian Barriers are recognised for their bright, high visibility appearance and with their red and white reflective strip, they are always easy to spot.

Firmus Barriers

Firmus Barriers are 2.0m in length and are supplied in orange. They are easy to assemble via their linking pin system, which is also compatible with many other Plastic Barriers with linking pin systems.

Titan Barriers

Titan Barriers are 2.0m in length and are supplied in red. They are available with standard or anti-trip feet and are easy to assemble with plastic barrier clips. They are extremely robust and can endure high levels of impact and damage.

Frontier Barriers

Frontier Cross Link Barriers are available with standard or anti-trip feet and are supplied in orange. They are designed to be wind resistant and are very strong. They link together with plastic barrier clips and can also be supported by telescopic stability poles, if required. These barriers are 2.0m in length.

Avalon Barriers

Avalon Barriers are supplied in orange and are available in 1.0m and 2.0m lengths. They are also available with standard or anti-trip feet and are easy to connect via their linking pin system.

Another benefit of Plastic Chapter 8 Barriers is that they can be stacked, which is great when you need to transport them from place to place. Although sometimes, barriers may only be required for a short period of time or you may not have the facilities to store them after use, which is why at First Fence, we offer the handy alternative of a Hire Service!

Whether you are looking to buy or hire Chapter 8 Barriers, we guarantee to provide you with a high quality product, a great service and a highly competitive price.

Call 01283 512 111 today for more information. Browse our Chapter 8 Barriers by visiting our online store!

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