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Construction Safety Week 2022 - Working at Height

03 May 2022Appears in Products
Construction Safety Week 2022 - Working at Height
With the most common kind of fatal accident to workers continuing to be falling from heights, view our range of products that can help avoid accidents when working at height.

From 2-6 May is Construction Safety Week, this is an annual industrywide education and awareness event that was formed back in 2014. It is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness around health & safety and on what we can do together to help prevent accidents.

Last year, the most common kind of fatal accident to workers continued to be falling from heights (HSE 2021), and these accounted for 25% of worker deaths across the year.

With this in mind, First Fence has partnered up with QAB Systems, providing customers with the option to purchase a range of products to help avoid falling from height.

QAB Systems specialise in the installation, maintenance and access solutions for Perimeter Security, Fence Line and 358 Mesh Projects.

How is this relevant to the Fencing Industry?

Fence installers may need to lift welded mesh security systems into position, meaning that they are often working at height. Some may not consider a height of 3m to be very far to fall, however, if they were to land on their head or neck, they may sustain life-changing injuries or even worse.

First Fence offers a Lifting Bracket, Fall Restraint Bracket and Ladder Support Bracket for 358 Mesh Fencing Systems.

QAB Systems Lifting Bracket - Lightweight and perfect for lifting panels into position, it makes installing heavy mesh systems quicker, safer and eliminates product damage while providing fall protection.

QAB Systems Fall Restraint Bracket – Consists of a range of devices for joining fall prevention equipment that will keep installers safe while erecting or working on 358 prison mesh fencing systems. It allows the user to safely move up the fence and position themselves correctly for the job.

QAB Systems Ladder Support Bracket – The ladder support bracket allows a simple, quick, safe and secure process of attaching ladders to 358 mesh fencing. This equipment can be used for personal access and is rated to a safe working load of 120kg, but shouldn’t be pushed beyond its limits or be used for purposes other than those it’s been designed for.

View the full range of products here.

Help support your fence installers working from height, and purchase QAB Systems health & safety products so that together we can help prevent accidents.

QAB Systems health & safety products

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