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Best Fencing Options to Prevent Intruders

14 September 2022Appears in Products
Best Fencing Options to Prevent Intruders
Read our latest blog to find the best fencing solutions for your project to prevent intruders.

If you’re setting up a fencing perimeter around your construction site, commercial area, or even your garden, you expect it to increase security. No one wants to be dealing with intruders or burglars, it’s especially relevant when you’re protecting high-value inventory or items.

So, we’ve prepared a guide on what to keep in mind to prevent intruders and the best fencing options to do just that.

What security features should you pay attention to?

There is a high variety of fencing options that can increase security. Whether it’s palisade or mesh fencing – first you should know what to look for in a product.


One of the more straightforward features is height. To put it simply, the taller your fence – the harder it’s to climb over. Not only that, but it also can increase privacy and make it difficult for outside parties to look into the perimeter. Ideally, you’re looking for at least 6 feet tall fencing.

Although, you should keep in mind that if you’re installing additional security features, like barbed wire or anti-climb systems – you might need a taller fence to accommodate the upgrades. This is usually required to prevent anyone from getting hurt accidentally.


Most of the time, strength highly depends on the material the fence is made from. If you install wooden fencing, you can’t expect it to be as strong and secure as steel or iron fencing and vice versa.

One thing to keep in mind is your budget. Higher security requirements will lead you to spend more money. In an ideal scenario, you’ll be looking for permanent fencing (for example, Combi Palisade) made from durable materials, like steel. It will be strongly secured to the ground by installing the posts with concrete and potentially have anti-climb features.

Increasing Security

Even if your fencing is 10 feet tall and made from some of the most durable materials available – it can still be climbed over if the intruders have the right tools, like a ladder.

So, if you’re looking to go that extra mile to improve your security measures, installing anti-climb systems is your next step. You can opt for barbed wire (we offer standard, high tensile, and HD high tensile 2 ply) or rotating spikes.

These security measures will prevent people from grabbing on and climbing your fence. Moreover, setting up security cameras, motion sensors, or even warning signs can provide you with that extra peace of mind.

Protecting Entry & Exit Points

It may sound obvious, but make sure your gates are up to the same security standards as the rest of your fencing.

Gates should be the same height as your fence and if you have any additional anti-climb systems, install them on your gates as well. We offer accompanying gates for most of our fencing ranges. So, for example, if you’re setting up a mesh fencing perimeter, you can also purchase mesh gates. Ensuring the same level of protection.

Additionally, invest in quality gate locks. They will not only increase security but also act as a theft deterrent. Alternatively, looking into access gates & barriers may be more worthwhile, depending on your situation.

Our recommendations

We’ve explained what you should be looking out for to prevent intruders, now we’re going to share some of our fencing suggestions that can help you achieve that.

Permanent Solutions

For a permanent fencing solution, your best bet will probably be palisade or mesh fencing.

Palisade fencing is one of the most popular choices. It provides a high level of security and is very durable. Additionally, it comes with anti-tamper fixings, which offer a secure connection between parts – since the top of the nut is snapped off after installation. Making it close to impossible to tamper with. Palisade fencing is also manufactured in various heights from 1800mm to 3000mm and 2750mm in width. And it is ideal for working with additional security measures, like barbed wire.

On the other hand, mesh fencing is another permanent option. Not only that, but mesh comes in numerous types: V Mesh; Twin Mesh; Prison Mesh; Safe Top Mesh; 868 Rebound Mesh. The usage of mesh fencing is quite similar to palisade. Although, the main difference between them is that mesh provides high visibility, without compromising on security – making it perfect for usage with CCTV cameras.

Temporary Solutions

Moving on to temporary solutions – you’ll probably be looking at hoarding or temporary fencing panels.

Even though temporary fencing won’t be as strong nor as durable as permanent fencing, it has its uses. Especially in scenarios like events or construction sites, where you require security, but can’t set up a permanent perimeter.

Hoarding panels are made from steel and are excellent at providing security & privacy. It helps you keep your equipment or materials out of sight, reducing the chances of a burglary.

Temporary fencing is your ideal choice if you’re looking for something short/medium term. It’s durable, provides security, and is easily movable when and if needed. Not only that but it can also be hired. So, for example, you’re organising an event and you only need fencing for the weekend. In a case like that, buying fencing outright would be a waste of money, but renting it instead can save you money and time if you choose the right provider.

Final thoughts

The best thing you can do to prevent intruders or burglaries is to prepare for them in advance. And that’s why we prepared this guide.

Setting up a quality fencing system with secure gates, locks, and additional security measures, like anti-climb systems, will come as close to guaranteeing your area’s security as it can.

Lastly, if you’re looking for fencing, to buy or hire, feel free to reach out to our team or browse our online store.