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A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining your Timber Knee Rail

29 January 2024Appears in Products
A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining your Timber Knee Rail
Timber Knee Rail is a fantastic addition to outdoor spaces, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. To ensure that your Timber Knee Rail stands the test of time and continues to enhance your surroundings, proper maintenance is key.

Have a read through our step by step guide on how to maintain your knee rail.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Regular Inspections

Schedule routine checks to take a look at your timber knee rail and assess the condition of the timber, looking for signs of wear and tear, damage and any loose components. Take extra time having a look at the joints of the timber and overall stability of the rail.

Step 2: Cleaning

Start by cleaning away any debris, leaves or dirt that has accumulated, you can use a brush or broom to sweep anything loose away.

When cleaning away any stubborn dirt or stains just use some soapy water and gently scrub to avoid damaging the timber.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or any power washers as they can strip away the protective treatment and could potentially harm the rail fence.

Step 3: Repairing any Damages

For any splits or cracks, use sandpaper to smooth the affected area, this will help to prevent any further damage and maintain the aesthetic appeal. In addition, if the timber knee rail is in a school setting, avoiding any splinters etc. is of upmost importance.

If any components are more damaged beyond repair, then the ideal solution would be to replace them. As long as they match the rest of the system and are treated to the same standards.

Step 4: Reapplying Protective Finish

Assess the current finish of the timber knee rail, if you think you might need to refresh the timber, you can purchase some wood treatment to upkeep the knee rail.

Before you apply, ensure that the timber is clean and dry and potentially sand the surface down a little to create a smooth, even texture.

Follow the manufacturers instructions when applying the finish.

Step 5: Preventative Measures

Ensure that water does not collect around the base of the timber knee rail as standing water can lead to premature decay.

Make sure that you continue to inspect the knee rail regularly and alter the timing of these checks based on seasons and weather to make sure your knee rail stands the test of time.

Timber Knee Rail, when properly maintained, can continue to enhance your outdoor spaces for years to come. Regular inspections, cleaning, repairs, reapplication of protective finishes, and preventive measures are the key elements of an effective maintenance routine. By investing time and effort into caring for your Timber Knee Rail, you'll preserve its beauty and functionality, ensuring a lasting and enjoyable addition to your outdoor environment.