Single Swivel (A44) Key Clamp Fitting for Size 8 Tube

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Single Swivel (A44) Key Clamp Fitting for Size 8 Tube

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The Single Swivel or A44 is generally used to position a sloped tube located within a handrail on a ramp, or if the angle for a joint is unknown. The fitting needs two tubes which both have an outside diameter of 48.3mm (Size 8). One tube fixes into the fitting vertically establishing a post, with a second tube fitting through the upper part which can be set at an angle. The Single Swivel is formed by two key clamp fittings; one being a Single Male Swivel (A36) and the other a Female Swivel (A42).

Please note it is strongly advised that structures are not built completely from Swivel type fittings, due to risking stability. 


A42 Female Swivel


A36 Single Male Swivel


A44 Single Swivel







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