Male Swivel Locating Flange (A50) Key Clamp Fitting for All Tube Sizes

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The Male Swivel Locating Flange (A50) can be used with all tube sizes.

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A Male Swivel Locating Flange or A50 is made only in one size. It is usually used as part of a swivel combination fitting; when combined with a Female Swivel (A42), it becomes a Swivel Locating Flange (A52). You would simply need to select the Female Swivel in whichever tube size you have chosen to construct your key clamp system out of. However, when used as a single component, the A50 can be used as a wall fixing to secure a length of chain or chain attachment. It can also be used to take steel straining wires or may be fixed to the floor to provide a fixing point for kick plates.

To fix a Male Swivel Locating Flange to walls, we recommend you use M10 Through Bolts (ANC) for the correct hole size, however you should always make sure that wall thicknesses are appropriate for the insertion of a Through Bolt. The M10 Through Bolts do not come with the fitting and therefore will have to be purchased separately and can be ordered on the Fixings page at a standard length of 100mm.

Please note that this product can be used with all tube sizes.


A42 Female Swivel


A50 Male Swivel Locating Flange


A52 Swivel Locating Flange







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