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Southwater Football Club
21 December, 2022

Southwater football club were looking for a suitable permanent fencing system that would go around the two football pitches at their sports club.

They have had a number of near misses where stray footballs have hit pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders due to their being no protective perimeter around their football pitch.

Protecting the football players and passers-by was at the forefront of their decision making when discussing the variety of fencing options. They also wanted to make sure that the fencing was still aesthetically pleasing and provided visibility to players.

Southwater football club decided to go with V Mesh fencing as it provides great security to their football teams and protects the passers-by. It is also very competitively priced and is one of the nicer looking fencing options without compromising any security features.

With green premium powder coating on the fencing it will have increased resilience against enduring factors such as weathering and vandalism.

“We’re really pleased with how the fencing looks, how easy it was to install and that it will protect passers by from any stray footballs! Huge thank you to First Fence!”

Ben Short, Founder off the PHLT Group

Southwater football club also decided to go with our post-mix so that they could have everything in one order and get the fencing up as soon as they could.

Our post-mix comes pre-blended so there was no need for mixing and won’t cause any damage or affect any posts that are powder coated.

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