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Gregson Community Centre
Securing a Bin Store at Community Centre
24 November, 2023

Client: Gregson Green Community Centre

Contractor: A&N Davies Fabrications

Location: Preston

Project: Securing a Bin Store at Community Centre


Gregson Green Community Centre were looking for a fencing and gate solution to secure their bin store on site.


Aesthetics – The client didn’t want the security system to compromise on the other aesthetics of the building, they required the fencing and gates to blend in with other surrounding areas so that it wouldn’t stand out too much.

Access point – As the client would need to access the bins regularly, they wanted it to be secure, but have an access point that blended in nicely with the rest of the fencing.

Durability – The fencing and gate needed to be robust, and long-lasting as this wasn’t an expense that they could afford on a regular basis.

Budget – The community centre had a tight budget to stick to, but didn’t want to have to compromise on the quality of the product.


The client and contractor discussed the options available and they decided to go with our green V Mesh Fencing and a matching twin mesh gate.

These are both well matched, so would provide the aesthetics that the client was looking for, and with the powder coated green colour, it blended in nicely to other parts of the community centre.

The powder coating also acts as added resilience against weathering and rust, enabling the system to be a long-lasting, durable perimeter system like they were looking for.

The Mesh Gate provided the access point that they were looking for, enabling them to get in and out of the bin store when required.

All of our mesh products are manufactured using high quality steel, therefore the strength and durability of the products is ideal for this type of application.

Finally, our V Mesh fencing is one of the most cost-effective fencing systems that there is available, without compromising on the quality and security.


“I dealt with Eli-Mae Mahoney and she was great to deal with. She knew about the products and advised me well.”


Gregson Green Community Centre now have an aesthetically pleasing, secure area fenced off with mesh fencing and with a matching access point to keep their bins.

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