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A J Spence Mesh Fencing
Industrial Site Security Fencing
22 November, 2023

Contractor: A J Spence

Location: Scotland

Project: Industrial Site Security Fencing


A J Spence were looking for a suitable permanent security fencing solution to go around a site on an industrial site in Scotland.


Preventing unauthorised access – Due to the location of the fencing, they wanted the system to prevent any intruders or anyone that was trying to access site that shouldn’t be.

Maintenance – Everyone on site was extremely busy, so they didn’t want to have the requirement to continuously maintaining.

Durability – They wanted the fencing to be strong and durable, so that it would last for many years to come.

Terrain – The ground was a little uneven, so they needed to make sure that their fencing system would be suitable for their ground type and ensure that it was aesthetically pleasing.


Our V Mesh Fencing system was the option that A J Spence decided to go for.

Due to the durability and design of the fencing, the boundary would be protected from any intruders that might have been trying to access. The design of the V Mesh panels makes it extremely difficult for anyone to potentially climb the fencing system, helping to prevent any unwanted access.

The Mesh Fencing was already powder coated, so was aesthetically pleasing in green, and matched into current surroundings. Due to the added resilience that this provides, it also meant that the team would not need to be continuously thinking about maintaining the fence line.

Finally, our mesh fencing comes in both bolt down and dig in options, enabling the uneven ground to be sorted no problem.


“The whole process was first class and I would definitely look to order again.”


A J Spence were able to provide a high quality, cost-effective fencing system for their client to go around an industrial site with our mesh fencing solution.

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