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What type of corner should I use for my knee rail?

01 February 2024Appears in Products
What type of corner should I use for my knee rail?
Once you have decided that timber knee rail is the best fencing solution for your project, you might need some assistance in configuring the best system for you.

Whether you need help with our online calculator, or just need some guidance on the corners that you will need, we’re here to help!

Read our latest blog discussing the types of corners to use for your Knee Rail fencing.

What corner options do I have?

There are three good practices to use when installing corners for your knee rail fencing.

First Practice:

You can install the knee rail ‘in turn’. Each bay will then be installed as a standalone bay, with no connection to the next bay.

This will require the rail to sit flush inside the strap and edge of the post.

A close-up of a wooden frame

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Second Practice:

An alternative to the above is to leave a 10mm gap between the rails (inside the strap), which should give you as much as 10 degrees play in the angle.

A wooden beam with metal corners

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Third Practice:

Mitre the corner internal or external to your desired angle. Ensure that the posts and straps are set at a distance greater than the line shown in red (angle dependent).

A corner of a picture frame

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The type of corner you choose for your knee rail is a crucial aspect of the overall design.

Consider the purpose of the knee rail, the aesthetics of your space, and your personal preferences when making this decision.

Each corner option brings its unique charm, contributing to the overall appeal and integration of the knee rail into your outdoor environment.

By selecting the right corner configuration, you'll not only enhance the visual aspect but also ensure that the knee rail serves its purpose effectively.