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What is Timber Acoustic Fencing?

20 March 2024Appears in Products
What is Timber Acoustic Fencing?
While fencing is usually installed for the purpose of security, privacy and boundary definition, timber acoustic fencing is slightly different.

Still contributing to the security of a premises, this sound-proof fencing can help to limit noise, while contributing to the ambiance of a site.

In this blog, we’ll talk through the timber acoustic fencing available, and how it might benefit your project.

What is Acoustic Fencing?

Timber acoustic fencing, also known as sound barriers, acoustic barriers and sound-proof fencing, is a specially designed type of fencing to ease noise pollution, while offering an aesthetically pleasing look.

It is made from solid timber panels and uses specialist design features to reduce noise pollution coming from traffic, neighbouring properties, or other sources.

How does Acoustic Fencing work?

Timber acoustic fencing consists of carefully selected timber panels which are engineered to deflect and absorb sound waves. Unlike traditional timber fencing which is primarily purchased as a boundary fencing system.

First Fence timber acoustic barriers are manufactured from quality Tanalised, pressure treated timber from a reputable FSC certified UK sawmill. The timber is surface incised and this is important for achieving the best preservative protection for ground contact timber.

These sound barriers have been independently tested by Salford University to Highways England requirements – BS EN 1793 Road Traffic Noise Reducing Devices.

Testing and compliant to BS EN 1794-1 and BS EN 1794-2, they comply with Highways Sector Scheme 2C for the prefabrication of environmental barriers.

What are the benefits?

· Noise Reduction – One of the main benefits of acoustic fencing is the ability to reduce noise pollution. Whether you live near a busy road, railway, or commercial area, unwanted noise can be a nuisance.

· Aesthetic Appeal – Timber acoustic fencing is functional while having a natural wood appearance.

· Privacy – Acoustic barriers are an effective privacy solution. Due to the design, no one is able to see through the timber fencing panels.

· Environmental Sustainability – Timber is a renewable source, so is a sustainable choice when it comes to fencing solutions.

· Safety Compliant – The overall system complies with BS EN 1793, BS EN 1794-1 and BS EN 1794-2.

Applications of Timber Acoustic Fencing

Timber acoustic fencing can be used in a variety of settings, including;

· Residential Properties – Enhancing privacy and peacefulness in your garden, whether you have friends and family over and want security or just want to add to the aesthetics of your garden.

· Commercial Developments – Absorbing and deflecting noise pollution, enabling noise to be minimised for nearby neighbours.

· Recreational Spaces – Creating quiet zones in outdoor facilities such as parks and playgrounds to provide a tranquil environment.

· Transportation Infrastructure – Reducing noise from highways, railways and airports, making construction sites less of an inconvenience for nearby residents.


Acoustic fencing represents a blend of function and aesthetics; offering an effective solution to noise pollution while still creating a natural visual look.

Sound barriers are an effective natural way to make a big difference in an urban environment, whether you want peace away from city noise or just a quieter outdoor area, timber acoustic fencing can help.

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