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Safety, Style, and Security: Fencing Solutions for New Builds

26 February 2024Appears in Products
Safety, Style, and Security: Fencing Solutions for New Builds
Choosing the right fencing for new build developments can help provide safety and protection for the property, even from construction stage.

Once complete, a well-chosen fencing solution can enhance the aesthetics and value to your premises. In this blog post, we will explore various fencing solutions tailored for new build homes, including those for when the site is in the construction phase.

Fencing Solutions for the Construction Phase

While under construction, new build sites can often be the target of theft whether this is of materials or tools and equipment, therefore establishing a good level of security is essential.

In addition to security, if the construction is in a residential area, noise pollution must also be considered, as the last thing people want is to be listening to the construction of new build properties day in and day out.

Here are a range of fencing solutions that would be suitable for your new build site:

Steel Hoarding

Establish a secure perimeter around your construction site with steel hoarding. Its sturdy construction and durability make it a reliable choice for preventing any unauthorised access and protecting workers and passers by from any ongoing works.

Due to its design it can also help keep tools and equipment hidden from view, helping to prevent intrusion, and acting as a theft deterrent.

Temporary Fencing Panels

Temporary fence panels are extremely versatile and easy to install, they can provide a flexible enclosure for different areas with the construction site. As they can be moved and reconfigured as the construction site progresses, they are able to be used throughout the project, making them extremely cost effective.

Due to the manufacturing, they are also extremely durable and can withstand a range of weather conditions (additional products such as stabilising bars can be purchased for windy conditions), making them ideal for this outdoor location.

To go with temporary fencing panels, there’ also the option of adding a vehicle or pedestrian gate to help manage the flow of people and vehicles through a defined access point.

Crowd Control

Manage your traffic flow with crowd control barriers, essential for managing on-site foot traffic, especially in areas where a large number of workers or visitors are present.

These barriers can help to create organised pathways, preventing any congestion and ensuring a safer environment. They can be used around areas where workers frequently gather together, and around entry and exit points.

Chapter 8 Barriers

Chapter 8 barriers are designed for roadworks and construction sites, helping sites to be compliant with a range of safety regulations.

These barriers, available in a range of colours and having elements such as reflective materials on are suitable for marking off road sections where construction activities are taking place, along with if traffic or roadworks need to be put up while the construction site is running.

Using chapter 8 barriers can help maintain clear visibility and awareness, to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Acoustic Barriers

Minimise the noise impact of the construction site with acoustic barriers. These can help mitigate noise pollution by absorbing and deflecting sound.

Ideal for residential areas or locations where noise restrictions are in place.

Timber Knee Rail

Enhance the aesthetic of those landscape areas with timber knee rail fencing. Knee rail fencing can help prevent damage to green spaces while adding to the aesthetic of the new build site.

Pre-Treated they won’t need to be regularly maintained and can add that final touch to the environment. Whether used as a boundary to a green area, or around a park that’s built on the site itself, they are a great addition.

Fencing Solutions for New Home Completion

So, now we have you covered for the construction phase of the project, let’s move onto once your new home is complete, and how you can add that extra security and visual aesthetic to your property.

Garden Fencing

Secure your property with one of the following fencing solutions:

Composite Fencing

Offering a sustainable and stylish boundary for your new build home. It’s available in a range of colours and designs, that are easy for you to install and work with existing concrete boards. Composite Fencing is a great way to add security and aesthetics to your new home and has a matching gate option available.

Timber Fencing

Classic timber fencing can add that natural touch to your garden. Used for both privacy and decorative purposes, you can regularly paint your fencing to help preserve the wood for longer.

Mesh Fencing

Suitable for various areas around your new build home, mesh fencing can be used for garden perimeters, pet enclosures and even a safety barrier around a pool or pond. It provides a great balance between visibility and security, and also has the option to add a matching gate.

Driveway Gates

Aluminium gates offer a sleek and modern option for access points to your property. Available in a range of designs and colours to match your property and fencing, they provide a practical but stylish solution to protect your property.


With a wide range of railing choices out there, it’s difficult to choose which one might be best for your property.

Railings are often chosen for their decorative appeal, and as they are available in a range of colours they can be customised to your property. Manufactured with high quality materials, they are durable and long-lasting in a range of weather conditions.

Choose from; Estate Railings, Standard Railings and EnviroRail® Railings, and most of these are available with matching gates.

Railway Sleepers

Timber railway sleepers can be used for a range of landscaping projects around your new home. From retaining walls, to steps or even creating planters, they are an extremely versatile timber product that can help add character to your outdoor space.

Summer Houses

Add value to your new home with a Summer House. A versatile structure that can be used as an outdoor living area, home office or entertainment space. By combining your new garden fencing with one of our summer houses you can have the perfect private outdoor area that adds style to your new home.

Factors to consider when choosing your fencing solution

  • Security level required
  • Purpose of the fencing
  • Aesthetics
  • Installation
  • Durability
  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Future Plans

Choosing the right fencing solutions for your new build home from construction to completion takes a lot of consideration.

From temporary solutions for site security, to permanent fences that can enhance the aesthetics and safety, each phase requires a thoughtful selection. By investing in a range of good quality fencing, you not only safeguard your investment but also add value and appeal to your new home.