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New Acoustic Barriers

05 January 2018Appears in Products
New Acoustic Barriers
A brand-new product here at First Fence are the Acoustic Reduction Barriers, the Echo H4 and the Noise Defender.

New Acoustic Barriers

A brand-new product here at First Fence are the Acoustic Reduction Barriers, the Echo H4 and the Noise Defender. They are temporary barriers that have been specially designed to reduce noise levels for construction sites in built up areas, or areas where noise pollution is an issue. The barriers have been designed to work with Temporary Fencing Systems and have been created with multiple special features to ensure the very best in noise reduction.

Echo H4 Acoustic Barrier

The Echo H4 Acoustic Barrier is the very best product available for temporary noise reduction needs. The H4 contains multiple special features which allow for it to reduce any noise in the most effective and efficient way possible. The H4 has been designed to be extremely durable. Made from high quality PVC and reinforced using a durable mesh that has been designed to extend the product life whilst retaining the acoustic performance in harsh working environments such as construction sites. The Echo H4 Acoustic Barrier is fire, water and dust resistant and has a water proof membrane that allows sound to be absorbed with no water entering the barrier.

Noise Reduction

The Echo H4 reduces noise by up to 40.8dB and absorbs 96% of all noise. For sounds up to 500Hz extensive testing has proven that 100% of noise is absorbed. The PVC used has been designed to have an optimum mass to ensure the maximum amount of noise reduction whilst also keeping they're professional and sleek appearance. All the acoustic absorbent material has also been made using completely recycled material. This material has been specially designed to prevent noise reflection and is completely biodegradable, ensuring the product is not only good for what it is deigned to do, but is also excellent for the environment.


The H4 Acoustic Barrier is best used in construction areas that are in built up areas as a means of protecting both workers and the surrounding community to high levels of noise pollution. The H4 is also fitted with reflective strips to aid visibility, an added safety feature for busy work sites.

Noise Defender Barrier

Also available are the Noise Defender Barriers. Noise Defender Barriers are designed to reduce noise by up to 33dB and absorb 97% of noise. All individual materials are fire resistant to B1.

The Noise Defender is also fitted with the reflective strips and hazard signs and comes green as standard. Should you want any other colours you can make a request to our 24-hour sales line.


palisade accessories


Acoustic Barriers are extremely lightweight and are quick and easy to install. On average the barriers are up to 70% faster to install than other barriers as they simply hook onto temporary fencing.

Fitting kits contain the right hooks and clips needed for easy and fast installation. Only one kit per barrier is needed and another kit will be needed for the end of the system. Acoustic Barriers measure at 2050mm x 1335mm, meaning that three barriers are needed in order to fit one temporary fencing panel.

It is important to note that the PVC side of the barriers face outwards in order for optimum sound absorption to take place, in order to angle the mesh, membrane and the acoustic absorption layer to face the sound.

Temporary Fencing

As the Acoustic Barriers are designed to fit onto Temporary Fencing Systems they can add somewhat of a strain onto the fence. The barriers may act as a wind break, leading to a fault in the fencing system that may compromise privacy and security.

In order to counter act this you may wish to check out our range of temporary fencing stabilisers. These stabilisers work in conjuncture with each other in order to make a strong and stable fencing system. Our stabilising systems include stabilising bars, block trays, block retaining brackets, pins and Kentledge Big Foot Blocks. Alternatively, you can choose to go with Slot Block Barriers. Slot Block Barriers are used to provide Temporary Fencing Panels with the added strength and stability they may need. They are designed to be filled with water in order to hold down the panels against strong winds and bad weather conditions.

Slot Block Barriers are made from robust plastic and come in a range of highly visible colours for added visibility. Two barriers are needed per panel and are compatible with all sizes of Temporary Fencing Panels.