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Ideal Locations for Installing our EnviroRail® Gates

13 February 2024Appears in Products
Ideal Locations for Installing our EnviroRail® Gates
Discover how the innovative features and environmentally friendly design of EnviroRail® gates make them the perfect choice for access control in different settings.

This blog post explores the ideal locations to install EnviroRail® gates, showcasing their features and their ability to enhance security measures while promoting an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable product.

Popular Locations for Railing Gates


EnviroRail® gates are the ideal solution for a school or educational environment such as a nursery.

Created with safety in mind, these railing gates are compliant with BS 12604 standards. Therefore, they have three hinges, which allow the gate to remain secure even if one fails. In a school environment this is ideal as it can help prevent any potential injury or damage.

In addition to safety and security, these railing gates are available in a range of heights and widths, and in a range of styles; including bow top and vertical bar. With the option to powder coat in a range of colours they can blend into school surroundings perfectly, and with our matching railings, you can create the perfect school railing system knowing that they have been manufactured using an environmentally friendly process.


Railing and Gate systems offer an ideal solution for playgrounds, marrying safety and aesthetics in recreational spaces.

With children’s well-being at the forefront of minds when considering railing solutions for playgrounds, safety must be considered.

Manufactured using pre-galvanised steel meeting BS 10346 standards, and complying to BS 12604 standards, our EnviroRail® gates are most suitable for recreational spaces. Meeting these standards shows that the gates are extremely safe and can help prevent any potential injury, should the gate fail for any reason.

Our EnviroRail® play sec railings and gates might work extremely well in this type of setting, especially given that they are designed with children's safety in mind. For additional safety, these railings are designed and manufactured so that the gaps between infills do not exceed 89mm I order to prevent children from being trapped, meeting BS EN 1176 standards.

Alongside safety, parks and recreational areas want to look aesthetically pleasing and blend into current surroundings. As our gates are available in a range of sizes, styles and colours, they make the perfect addition to any park or recreational area. Not only this, but the visibility that they offer enables parents and children to see in and out of the area at all times.

Residential Areas

Our EnviroRail® gates would be a perfect solution for residential areas, as they are a safe, stylish and durable railing option.

Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel meeting BS 10346 standards, the gates are strong and durable enabling them to provide great security in these locations. In addition, these railing gates have been designed so that a range of gate hardware solution can be fitted, providing the option to have an additional lock or slider for security.

The EnviroRail® gates do all of this, without compromising on aesthetics! You can choose your height, width, your powder coated colour, and whether you would like bow top, vertical bar, flat top or play sec railing gates, dependent on which best suits your area.

Housing Associations

When installing around built up areas, and where there may be children, considering safety and security is of upmost importance.

With our EnviroRail® gates, you will know that we have the safety aspect covered, due to meeting BS 12604 standards and the hinges available on the gate, with the aim of preventing any potential injury.

Aesthetics are also important, and with our railing gates being available in single and double leaf options, and in array of colours, heights, widths and styles, you will be able to design your railings to suit your surroundings.

When considering installation of a new railing and gate system, our gates are universally handed, so can be left or right hung, and we have a range of modular hardware options to add that extra security if required.

Local Authorities

Considering the environment and being more environmentally friendly is a key consideration when choosing which fencing or railing solution to go for, especially when it is going to be installed for many years to come.

Our EnviroRail® gates are manufactured using a low-weld production method, meaning that they are designed and produced with sustainability in mind. The fabrication process requires less energy and resources in comparison to other fencing production, without compromising on strength and durability.

Manufactured using pre-galvanised steel that complies with BS 10346 standards, you know that these railing gates will be strong and withstand a range of weather conditions, ideal for a system that needs to be long-lasting.

Due to being universal handled, they are also extremely easy to install without having to worry about each individual premises. As these metal railing gates are able to be left or right hung.

Commercial Properties

Where security, efficiency and aesthetics are of most importance, our EnviroRail® gates meet all these requirements!

Complying with BS 12604 safety standards, our railing gates have been manufacture with pre-galvanised steel making them extremely robust and secure. Also, with the additional option of gate hardware, you can make sure your premises is secure with our railing gates.

Many businesses are also now considering the environment, and making a more conscious effort to purchase products that have had sustainability in mind. With our EnviroRail® Gates, your mind will be at ease knowing that they are most environmentally friendly, and manufactured using a low-weld production method.

All of these features do not compromise the style and aesthetics of the product, with a range of heights, widths, styles and colours available for you to choose from!

As we move towards a future prioritizing security and sustainability, EnviroRail® Gates stand out as a versatile solution. From commercial spaces to educational institutions, their eco-friendly features make them an ideal choice.