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How and when to use a Water Filled Road Barrier

06 May 2021Appears in Products
How and when to use a Water Filled Road Barrier
Water filled barriers are sturdy plastic barriers often used on construction sites and at public events to provide security and crowd or traffic control. They are designed to provide safety and separation of areas, and used around road works to guide traffic, provide temporary road blocks and protect pedestrians.

How and when to use a Water-Filled Road Barrier

In a number of situations, a water-filled barrier can be an extremely useful tool. Due to their sturdiness, versatile and cost-effective; they are a great alternative to concrete and metal grid barriers. From Mini Rota Block Barriers to Bull Barriers; all of our waterfilled barriers are the perfect temporary fencing solution as they offer great flexibility and perfect stability.

They are an excellent choice for a variety of applications including protection, security, demarcation, and pedestrian and traffic guidance. They are also suitable for a variety of uses due to their light weight and ease of storage, transport, and installation across all types of terrain, as well as their sturdy stability once filled with water.

Water filled barriers can be advantageous to traditional road barriers and crowd control barriers in a number of ways, depending on the needs of those that use them. Water filled road barriers are worth considering for several reasons, including closing off parts of roads completely, delineating diversions, and providing adequate notice of a possible danger.

  • Lightweight and Convenient to Stack, Store and Move

The vast majority of water-filled barriers are made of UV-stabilized polythene, which is both extremely strong and lightweight. When the barriers are empty, they are easier to stack, store and move because they don't require any special moving equipment.

They can then be attached in any desired configuration in minutes before being filled with water to create a strong protective barrier. These lightweight modular barriers can be just as protective as any other conventional barriers once they have been filled with water.

  • Reduced Physical Impact

Water-filled barriers are also useful in the sense that they can be a better option in the case of an accident or incident. Due to their design and function, if these barriers are hit, they tend not to move due to tight interlocking mechanisms and the weight of the water filled bases weighing them down.

Another factor to note is that due to the presence of water-filled barriers, the physical impact of a collision is significantly reduced. Water-filled barriers provide a degree of flexibility that can make them a safer choice while still offering strong and dependable protection. As a consequence, they're a suitable alternative to concrete or metal barriers in areas where there's a risk of colliding as in many situations, people believe that concrete barriers are thought to offer the maximum protection; however this actually opens themselves up to more severe injuries and risk of fatalities occurring if an accident were to happen.

  • No Gaps in the Barrier

Waterfilled Barriers allow work to safely take place as they assist keeping roads open, avoid disturbance and cause minimum disruption for everyone involved. Unlike traffic cones for example, which create a virtual barrier over a physical with space/ gaps, waterfilled barriers have an interlinking design in which provides and acts as an additional safety and security measurement. This therefore, creates a seamless protective barrier with no physical gap and can help improve the safety of workers and public alike.

  • Reduced Risk of Theft

When cones and other portable objects are used, theft is a surprisingly common issue. Anti-tamper plugs on high-quality water-filled barriers minimise the risk of theft, making it almost impossible to pass them without permission. Their weight, once filled, is another theft deterrent. When empty, however, it is extremely light. They can become incredibly powerful and almost difficult to move until filled with water or sand.

  • Maximising Visual Impact

Finally, the vibrant and recognisable colours of water-filled road barriers add to their protection and effectiveness. When motorists and pedestrians see these big red, white, and sometimes orange pieces, they instinctively know it is a possible threat.

Meanwhile, concrete barriers and some types of metal barriers are not nearly as easy to spot from a distance. High-visibility water filled barriers can therefore reduce or eliminate the need for additional warning signs to be used, to provide approaching motorists with ample warning.

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