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We’ve taken a giant first step on our journey to become an LPCB-accredited supplier

22 October 2021Appears in Company News
After a couple of busy days at here HQ, we’re delighted to say that First Fence has taken a giant step forwards in its journey to becoming an LPCB supplier.

After a couple of busy days at here HQ, we’re delighted to say that First Fence has taken a giant step forwards in its journey to becoming an LPCB supplier.

An on-site assessment, completed over two days, was recently held in which a number of our products were scrutinised to the highest standards. Five of our products - three fences and two gates - underwent the attack event (LPS 1175) and we’re pleased to say passed with flying colours.

Specifically, those products are:

  • 358 Mesh Gates with rated Padlock
  • 868 Mesh Gates with rated Padlock
  • 868 Mesh Fencing with Clamp Bar
  • 358 Mesh Fencing with Clamp Bar
  • 358 Mesh Fencing with Fixing Clips

The next step for First Fence is to become UKAS accredited! We’re hoping to be able to bring you more news on this in the first quarter of 2022.

What is LPS 1175?

LPS 1175 is designed to categorise how long it would take an intruder to breach physical security measures. This includes security grilles, shutters, and doors, and measures how long it would take an attacker to gain forcible entry to a building through the product under test, and what sort of tools they would need.

As a result of passing the test, the resulting security ratings help anyone make an educated and appropriate decision when planning to purchase a security product, based on some of the property’s location or the likely attacker persona and the tools they would have at their disposal.

What does LPCB mean and why is it important?

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and insurers for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that fire and security products and services perform effectively.

Loss Prevention Standards are widely recognised within fire and security sectors around the world and the body’s certificate is a nod of recognition that a particular product or service has met its incredibly high standards.

Three benefits purchasing LPCB products have on a business?

There are a few reasons why businesses, particularly, look to purchase an LPS 1175 product.

Firstly, there are lower insurance premiums. A tested and rated LPS 1175 product is recognised by insurers, which leads to lower insurance premiums.

Secondly, they are also a cost-effective and long-term business security investment.

Thirdly, it is a purchase built to deliver peace of mind. Leaving you in the knowledge that your business’ staff, property, and equipment are physically safe and secure from theft, criminal damage, or even environmental damage.

What our Group Compliance Manager had to say?

Cliff Mallaby said: “From a First Fence point of view, being LPCB accredited opens up bigger markets to the business. It will truly launch us into a bigger market."

“That’s a huge thing for this business and there are so many people that deserve credit for making this happen. It re-enforces all of the processes that we have got in place and the amount of emphasis we put on quality within First Fence.

“We believe the process we have gone through will only further enhance our commitment to that. It’s provided us with a review of the whole business and we feel in a strong position to be able to pursue UKAS accreditation from these experiences.

This press release was issued on behalf of First Fence by Hallam. If you require any further information, please contact Tom Bestwick at

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