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First Fence partners with iwocaPay

23 March 2023Appears in Company News
First Fence partners with iwocaPay
Working together to give our trade customers the option to Pay in 3 to manage cashflow

How First Fence are leading the charge for the fencing industry to give their trade customers more flexibility with iwocaPay.

Vinesh Kotecha and the team at First Fence service thousands of trade customers all over the UK. With over 10 years experience and 6 locations across the UK they are one of the front runners in the fencing industry, fulfilling over 100 orders daily. Their mission is to meet all of their customers' fencing needs from manufacturing, distribution and installation.

The age-old conundrum for many small businesses is cashflow

Something that First Fence believes iwocaPay can solve for many of their trade customers. By offering a Buy Now Pay Later solution, First Fence trade customers can ensure they aren’t tied to their cash flow.

“We get a lot of customers that are coming to us that are struggling to fulfil jobs sometimes, but they're good contractors, they're good people that can pay for something, but sometimes they don't get paid by their customers.”

Vinesh and the team understood the issue many of their customers were facing, however picking the right facility to sit alongside their trade accounts was integral. They needed something that was accessible to the customer’s they couldn’t serve.

A flexible solution to financing to fit every customer.

After the team noticed the need for flexible payment solutions with their SME customer base, First Fence saw an opportunity to help more of their customers by partnering with iwocaPay. As one of the leaders in the fencing industry they are among the first Fencing companies to offer a Buy Now Pay Later solution in the UK.

As a customer centric business - the payment experience for their customers was a key concern. It had to be easy to use and work in lots of different use cases. “When we were looking at different payment solutions, it had to be simple, quick, and easy. We wanted to just try and cater for everybody's needs. It's helpful and handy for the people that we can't give accounts to, or that are only having one off jobs and don't really require an account but might require financing.”

Serving more customers with iwocaPay

iwocaPay is now joining First Fence’s mission to help them serve as many customers as best they possibly can.

“We are a service business, we've got locations across the country, we try and make sure we can give everybody what they want when they want it. By having another flexible payment solution, we can get things rolling very, very quickly for all of our customers from anywhere.”

Within the first month of their launch with iwocaPay First Fence customers are already seeing the benefits. One customer wrote:

With an excellent approval rating in the first month, Vinesh and the Team’s hypothesis is showing with a number of solid small businesses taking up the iwocaPay offer in order to help their business.

iwocaPay allows customers to spread the cost of an order over a 90 day term. First Fence are offering this interest free to the customer via their ecommerce website and through their invoices. With nothing to pay for 30 days, First Fence’s customer’s are able to complete a transaction and free up their cash flow in order to fulfil their jobs.