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Explore Stylish Sustainability with EnviroRail® Gates

13 February 2024Appears in Products
Explore Stylish Sustainability with EnviroRail® Gates
Where the environment and sustainability is becoming at the forefront of most business and individual minds, First Fence has the ideal railing and matching gate system.

The perfect addition to a range of applications including; schools, playgrounds, commercial properties and more!

The Manufacturing Process

Our EnviroRail® Gates are manufactured using a low-weld production method which means it is a more eco-friendly system.

This system uses a series of custom-made and laser-cut pre-galvanised components that form incredibly strong, sturdy bonds when pressed together, removing the need to use high energy, resource-intensive welding.

The gates are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel, which conforms to BS 10346, and then polyester powder coated. Both of these treatments ensure that this product can easily withstand the outdoor environment.

All gates come with holes ready-drilled in the frame. These holes are designed for easy installation of the three hinges and the drop bolt.

Plastic hole plugs come with the gate and these can be placed into the holes on the attack face not having a drop bolt installed. You can choose from a range of locks that perfectly complement this modular range. A locking drop bolt is also available to purchase.

Why choose EnviroRail® Railings and Gates in comparison to alternative options?

Being the most environmentally friendly on the market, there are many features to our new range of EnviroRail® gates.

  • Environmentally Friendly – Manufactured using pre-galvanised steel, these gates are fabricated using reduced weld construction, requiring less energy and resources. However, our EnviroRail® gates still maintain exceptional strength and durability, through the use of custom-made, laser-cut parts that securely fit together during assembly.

  • Compliant with BS 12604 guidelines – Created with safety in mind, especially with ideal install being in areas with children. These railing gates have three hinges, allowing the gate to remain secure even if one fails. This will prevent potential injury or damage. The gate hooks are fully welded to the gate post, these are fixed axis hinges with no up or down movement.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Install – Due to it’s design the railing gates are lightweight without compromising on the quality. With the product being lightweight, and the option for the installer to hang the gate left or right, install is a much easier process! In addition, each gate comes with pre-drilled frame holes, designed for easy installation of three hinges and a drop bolt. The gate includes plastic hole plugs for unused holes, enhancing its appearance.

  • Available in a range of sizes and styles – Our bow top gates, vertical bar gates, flat top gates and play sec gates are available in multiple heights and widths to best suit our customer’s requirements. They are also available in both single and double leaf options so that you can purchase exactly what you are looking for. In addition, you are able to powder coat these railing gates in a range of colours so that they fit in perfectly to the surroundings.

Our EnviroRail® Gates offer not only style but sustainability too! Take a look at the different sizes and ranges that we have available to best suit your requirements.