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Expansions to our Safety Barrier Range

19 October 2017Appears in Products
Expansions to our Safety Barrier Range
There are so many different types of safety barrier on the market with a huge demand. Despite already having a wide-ranging safety barrier catalogue, we have now added new products.
Expandable & Compact Water Filled Barriers!

There are so many different types of safety barrier on the market with a huge demand. Despite already having a wide-ranging safety barrier catalogue, we have now added the new products below:

Column Protector

Column Protectors

Column Protectors are cylindrical in design and come in two parts which hug the column or structural support; this then provides protection to not only the column but also vehicles, machinery and pedestrians in the event of a collision. These column protectors are available in a choice of sizes allowing them to be used around columns of different dimensions.

Designed with an internal air pocket, this protective barrier flexes upon impact which in turn protects the column, the vehicle and operator. Produced using high quality materials, this column is very heavy duty and can withstand multiple impacts. Another feature of the column protection barrier is in highly visible yellow, decreasing the likelihood of a collision. A highly effective barrier is easy to install, maintenance-free system and can save money in damages should a collision occur.

Portagate Barrier

Portagate Barriers

The Portagate barrier is a light and collapsible barrier system, produced using high-density polyethene, and supplied as a 3 or 4 gate system. This barrier has adjoining clips allowing for multiple configurations and also has top hinges that can be clipped down so that the panels can be locked securely into formations. The portagate barriers are designed to accept anti-trip feet to increase the stability of the system and have Class R1 reflective panels so that the barrier is visible. These barriers are fully stackable and can be stacked in any 180 orientation to a height of 20 units for 4 gate systems and 25 for 3 gate systems.

Personnel Barrier

Personnel Barriers

The Personnel Barrier is a durable and robust design which can be used to create safe and clear walkways for pedestrians both internally and externally. They are a cost-effective barrier system that is fast and easy to install with no need for lifting machinery. The personnel barrier can be filled with water or sand for extra strength. Personnel Barriers are supplied in a mix of red and white barriers.

Other Safety Barrier Products

Armco Safety Barriers

Armco Barriers provide a high quality steel safety barrier system and are often known as Armco Safety Barriers or Armco Crash Barriers.


Road Cones

Our range of traffic cones offer a great degree of visibility allowing you to quickly and securely mark out certain areas and restricted sections of road and pavement.

Crowd Control Barriers

Crowd Control Barriers

Our metal Crowd Control Barriers are made from high quality galvanised steel and are designed to provide a temporary safety barrier.

Pedestrian Guardrails

Pedestrian Guardrails

Guardrails are generally used as a form of protection barrier, where they provide people with safety and separation from hazardous areas.

Concrete Barrier

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers are designed to slot together and are capable of resisting ram-raiding or other unauthorised vehicular access.



A fully customisable handrail system, designed to suit a range of different applications.

Plastic Barrier

Plastic Barriers

Plastic Barriers offer a high level of visibility and safe traffic management, or for indicating hazardous areas when road maintenance is taking place.

Verge Posts

Verge Posts

Verge Posts are designed for installation on highways and alongside rural roads and car parks with reflective areas for high visibility even at night.

Water Filled Barriers

Water Filled Barriers

Plastic Water Filled Barriers are designed to provide safety and separation in areas where there is vehicle traffic.