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Enhance your Privacy: Discover the Benefits of Mesh Privacy Strips

20 June 2023Appears in Products
Enhance your Privacy: Discover the Benefits of Mesh Privacy Strips
Wondering what mesh privacy strips are and what added security they can provide? Learn more in our latest blog.

If you currently have a mesh fencing and gate solution and are looking to add that extra privacy to your system, we have the ideal product for you…

What are mesh privacy strips

Mesh privacy strips are a product that has been designed to enhance privacy and security in an outdoor setting where mesh fencing is used.

These strips are made from a high quality plastic like material and are a flexible product that weaves between the mesh fencing wires so that no one is able to look through the fencing system.

Suitable for our twin mesh fencing ranges, including both 868 and 656.

What are the benefits of mesh privacy strips

Serving multiple purposes, our mesh privacy strips can obstruct outsiders view through the fence, whether this is in your home or a public area.

Secondly, these mesh strips can help to reduce noise levels, as they are able to act as a barrier, reducing noise transition and providing a more peaceful environment.

As the privacy strips are suitable for all weather conditions, and are UV resistant, they can help act as a windscreen, reducing wind gusts and enhancing the stability of the fencing system. Due to the plastic like material they are manufactured from, there is little maintenance required to preserve the privacy strips.

Additionally, our mesh privacy infills are high quality and available in a range of colours, making them the ideal solution for a range of applications as they don’t compromise the aesthetics of the fencing system that is already installed.

Where are mesh privacy strips used?

Due to their features, the mesh privacy strips can be used wherever there is a twin mesh fencing system.

Whether this be a residential area, commercial property, sports field, school or anywhere else that requires that additional privacy.

Why are they becoming more popular?

Mesh fencing privacy strips are an effective and cost-efficient solution for enhancing privacy, reducing noise levels, and providing that additional weather proofing to your fencing system. They are able to offer all these benefits without affecting the aesthetics of your mesh fencing and gates.

How easy are they to install?

Installing mesh fencing privacy strips is generally an easy job to do, as you are able to weave them in and out of the mesh fencing system without the need for lots of tools or fencing installation experience.

How can I order?

Whether you are looking for a full mesh fencing and gate system for your premises or just the mesh privacy strips, all are available to purchase on our website or you can give one of our expert Sales Team a call today at 01283 512 111.