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First Fence - Supporting Road safety week 2020

20 November 2020Appears in Company News
First Fence - Supporting Road safety week 2020
First Fence are supporting this years road safety week with the theme of no need to speed and showcasing products which can help to protect pedestrians and road workers from speeding motorists

We may be in lockdown, the roads may seem quieter, but the number of speeding related offences across the country continue to increase. Not only do offenses continue to increase, but also road accidents caused as a result of speeding motorists. These accidents put an additional and unnecessary strain on essential services such as the police and NHS, which are already under incredible strain with the current COVID-19 epidemic we find ourselves in.
So this year, we here at first fence are supporting road safety week, with their campaign this year being “No Need For Speed”. We will be raising awareness not only within the company to our staff commuting into the office and our drivers making deliveries, but to the public through our social media channels.
By following the speed limits, we can all make the roads safer for everyone.

(maybe have a paragraph about why sticking to speed limits is important)

Read more about why we’re supporting Road Safety Week here

Road Safety products:

We offer a range of products which can help to increase road safety and encourage motorists to slow down and also help to protect road workers from motor vehicle collisions.

Guard rails:

Available with and without sight tops, these rails provide protection to pedestrians walking on pavements that are close to busy roads. These galvanised steel rails also prevent pedestrians or cyclists from attempting to cross busy roads in unsafe locations, guiding them towards safer places to cross such as a Zebra or Toucan crossing.

Road traffic cones:
Road cones can be used by road workers to alert motorists to road works, we offer cones in a variety of sizes including cones with signs which can alert motorists that the lane they are travelling in is closing and to move over or just by simply making drivers aware that there may be workmen in the road. The cones come in bright easy to see colours and feature highly reflective strips to increase visibility. It is also possible to further increase visibility even further, especially at night or in poorer weather conditions, with the use of road lights

Water Filled Barriers:
These heavy duty, high visibility plastic barriers can offer an excellent level of protection for road workers and pedestrians. These barriers can be filled with water to increase their weight and increase their impact resistance against vehicles that may accidentally collide with them. These are commonly used around road works to protect road workers from speeding and dangerous drivers as these barriers will absorb the impact and prevent the car from injuring workers.

StrongWall barrier:

StrongWall barriers are a heavy base barrier which can also have the top sections filled with water or sand to increase strength and impact resistance. This range has been tested and can withstand maximum wind speeds of 32mph and a maximum sideways durability of 400 Newtons. These can be interlocked, preventing tampering and a perimeter can be quickly and easily assembled. The StrongWall barrier is suitable for large road work areas providing protection to workers and equipment.

Bollards offer additional protection to areas which may have been pedestrianised such as some town or city shopping streets, parks and play areas, to prevent vehicles from travelling down them and keeping pedestrians safe from vehicles.