2.1m high Single Leaf Standard Bow Top Railing Gate

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This 2.1m high Single Leaf Standard Bow Top Railing Gate is galvanised for greater durability.

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Features and benefits

  • The positioning of the railings provides a great standard of visibility and does not cause obstruction. This gate is also difficult to climb over, due to the bend at the top of each railing.
  • As the gate is made from steel, it is vulnerable to the formation of rust which can cause damage. All gates are galvanised with a zinc coating to help prevent this.
  • It features a Polyester Powder Coating finish which is used to protect the gate from corrosion and vandalism, as well as wear and tear. This finish will also provide your gate with a more attractive look.
  • A reliable gate designed for permanent use. 



You can use this 2.1m high Single Leaf Standard Bow Top Railing Gate to form an entry point within a railing system. With its safe construction and absence of spikes and sharp edges, the gate is a perfect choice for locations where both children and members of the public are often present. It is also suitable for public areas due to its bright and visually pleasing appearance. The railings offer a great deal of strength and are very durable. In addition to supplying vehicle access, this gate will also enable you to secure your site to prevent unauthorised access.

Consisting of one gate leaf, this gate can rotate fully to 180 degrees; 90 degrees in each direction. When the gate is closed, it will merge with the rest of the fencing to form one continuous structure. To hold the gate in its closed position you should use the sliding latch bolt and single drop bolt which are included within your gate’s construction. We also offer a Heavy Duty Padlock as a customisation option and using this will enable you to lock the sliding latch bolt.


Gate construction

The gate is made up of solid railing bars that feature rounded tops and this makes them extremely safe. The railings fit through the upper rail and connect to the lower rail through welding. To construct the gate safely you will need to use posts which are compatible with the ground that the gate will stand on. Therefore you will need Dig-In Posts for soft ground like grass and clay, but Bolt Down Posts for harder ground such as concrete.



This gate is appropriate for installation in locations such as industrial estates, as its 2.1m height allows it to offer a medium level of security.

More Information
Standard/Self-Raking Standard
Gate Type Single Leaf Gate
Heights Available 2100mm
Post Type Available Dig In, Bolt Down
Access Width 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m
Finish Galvanised , Powder Coated
PPC Colours Green, Black
Material Galvanised Steel

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