2.1m high Double Leaf Standard Vertical Bar Railing Gate

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An aesthetically pleasing 2.1m high Double Leaf Standard Vertical Bar Railing Gate for medium level security areas.


Features and benefits

  • The spacing within the gate supplies good visibility so you can still see any activity occurring outside of your premises. This gate is not easy to climb due to the height and shape of the vertical railings.
  • As rust can cause lasting damage to the gate’s surface, the steel is galvanised with a protective zinc coating.
  • Polyester powder coating the gate gives it better protection against vandalism and corrosion, which can ultimately cause damage to the gate’s appearance over time. This will also supply the gate with a smoother finish, along with an eye-catching look. We offer this type of finish in a range of RAL colours.
  • A long-lasting security vehicle gate.



Constructing this 2.1m Double Leaf Standard Vertical Bar Railing Gate into your non-raking railing system will enable you to supply a secure access point for a range of vehicles. Both large and small vehicles can use this gate, although you will need to ensure that you order the appropriate gate width to suit the level of vehicle access space you require. The gate is very robust and has the ability to endure high levels of damage from vandalism attempts. It is also ideal for a variety of public and residential locations as it has a more visually appealing and decorative look; due to the style of the railings and polyester powder coating finish.

This gate is easy to use and each gate leaf can be operated either individually or at the same time. To prevent the gate leaves from independently swinging from their closed position, you should slot both drop bolts into the ground and glide the sliding latch bolt across the two leaves. To request a Heavy Duty Padlock, please complete the customisation section at the top of this page.


Gate construction

You can assemble this gate with two different types of posts – Bolt Down Posts which should be fixed down onto hard ground and Dig-In Posts which should be set into soft ground with Postfix cement. The solid railings are fixed in the structure by the upper and lower rails and they each feature a square cut top.



At a height of 2.1m, this gate is most suitable for areas which require a medium level of security. You will often see this gate in places like commercial business premises and churches.

More Information
Standard/Self-Raking Standard
Gate Type Double Leaf Gate
Heights Available 2100mm
Post Type Available Dig In, Bolt Down
Access Width 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m, 6.0m, 7.0m, 8.0m, 9.0m, 10.0m
Finish Galvanised , Powder Coated
PPC Colours Green, Black
Material Galvanised Steel

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