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Wire Netting Rolls

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
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Wire Netting Rolls

Our wire netting rolls are specifically designed to enclose small animals or keep out wildlife such as badgers. This fencing system is designed to safely surround the perimeter without harming your livestock or passing wildlife.

Many people use the netting to create a run for rabbits or to surround allotment patches to keep wild rabbits or badgers out. The two different types of netting allow for the correct wire netting fencing system for your requirements.

Rabbit Netting

There is a wide range of Rabbit Netting available through online and over the phone, with a choice of Pre-Galvanised and Hot Dip Galvanised Finishes, as well as different wire types to suit your requirements.

The rabbit netting is a popular choice of fencing system when protecting allotments or to create a safe rabbit run area for your pets to play in. The wire fencing is designed to prevent animals from digging underneath the fence line.

Badger Netting

A specifically designed high-tensile Badger Netting System that you can rely on to prevent badgers entering your land. Compliant to B.S.EN 10223-5/10244-2, Badger Netting should be buried to 30cm and turned out 25cm, leaving a height of 103cm.