Twin Mesh Pedestrian Gate – 2.4m high x 1.2m wide

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This 2.4m x 1.2m Pedestrian Twin Mesh Gate is aesthetically pleasing and durable.

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Features and Benefits

  • Mesh construction – offering a good standard of visibility through the mesh; this is essential when a fencing system is used in conjunction with a CCTV system to monitor premises. Short vertical wires protruding from the top of your gate discourage potential intruders from trespassing onto your site.
  • Pre-Galvanised finish – a layer of zinc is applied to increase your gate’s resistance to rust and corrosion which naturally forms on untreated steel over time.
  • Polyester Powder Coating finish – adding to the durability obtained by galvanisation, powder coating provides a higher quality finish than regular metal paints.
  • Ground Suitability – soft ground types such as clay will require Dig-In Posts, whereas Bolt Down Posts are more appropriate for hard ground types, such as concrete. 


    At 2.4m high this 2.4m x 1.2m Pedestrian Twin Mesh gate is ideal for providing a point of entry in a fencing system for pedestrians, but can also be used as the access point in a multi-purpose sports enclosure. Offering separate entrance points for vehicle and foot traffic effectively reduces potential safety hazards. At 2.4m high, this gate is useful for a wide range of boundary, safety and security measures. The gate’s height also makes it appropriate for areas in need of heavy security, as the mesh is designed to be sturdy and secure and difficult to cut through with standard tools.

    A sliding latch bolt will effectively secure your fencing system. The drop bolt can also be lowered when the gate is in an open position, in order to prevent the gate from swinging shut. A Heavy Duty Padlock can also be fitted through the sliding latch bolt to lock the gate when closed. The hinges on the gate posts are designed so that the gate can open through an angle of 180°; 90° in each direction.


    All of our Twin Mesh Gates are supplied with 868 Twin Mesh however they are compatible with both 656 Twin Mesh and 868 Twin Mesh Fencing. 

    Twin Mesh 868

    868 Twin Mesh consists of vertical wires that are 6mm in diameter, pressed between twin horizontal wires that have a diameter of 8mm. With wires of a greater diameter than the ‘656’, this double wire mesh is a heavier grade version and therefore has a higher resistance to damage and vandalism. Mesh wire systems are frequently used as a safe and secure solution for a wide range of including, for example public and industrial buildings, school perimeters and sport grounds.

    Please note that pedestrian gates do not come with a drop bolt as standard, however can be requested by speaking with one of our sales team.

    More Information
    Gate Type Pedestrian Gate
    Height 2400mm
    Gate Hanging Side Right Hand Hung (From Outside Looking In)
    Gate Post Box Section 80 x 80mm
    Access Width 1200mm
    Total Gate Width 1460mm
    Material Pre-Galvanised Steel
    Finish Polyester Powder Coating

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