Twin Mesh Double Leaf Gate - 3.0m high x 6.0m wide

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This 3.0m x 6.0m Double Leaf Twin Mesh Gate can be secured further with a Heavy Duty Padlock.


Features and Benefits

  • Mesh construction – the rigid wire design is not only an effective deterrent against intruders, but is also noteworthy for its resilience to wind resistance as the apertures allow the system to withstand greater wind strength. The small apertures also help to restrict intruders from scaling the gate, however they still allow for clear visibility so any activity taking place around your site can be seen.
  • Pre-Galvanised finish – to make your gate longer lasting, all of our steel products come pre-galvanised, increasing their quality and durability against the likes of rust and corrosion.  
  • Polyester Powder Coating – powder coating is a barrier protection system that, like galvanisation, is used to shield the gate from weathering as well as general wear and tear. It also injects colour into the gate system to increase visibility and to provide a more attractive look.
  • Ground Suitability – it is important that post types are considered in relation to the firmness of the ground that your gate will be erected on. For softer ground types, Dig-In Posts concreted into the ground are suitable, whereas for harder ground types, Bolt Down Posts fixed down with Ground Anchor Bolts are considered to be more appropriate.
  • A cost effective and durable security gate which is quick and simple to install.



This Double Leaf Twin Mesh Gate totals 6.0m in width, with each leaf measuring 3.0m wide. This consequently will allow small vehicles to pass through a single leaf, and large vehicles being able to access the site when both gates are opened fully. At 3.0m in height, this gate should be installed within Twin Mesh fencing systems which are of the same height. It can be used in areas considered high risk to significantly increase the protection and security of your business. Although it is not considered to be visually imposing, Twin Mesh is a popular solution for boundary demarcation, yet it is still capable of withstanding damage or vandalism.

When only one gate is required, it can be secured and anchored in an open position to prevent it from swinging and damaging passing vehicles or pedestrians. There is a matching drop bolt on the second leaf, which can be lowered when the gate is open or closed. The gate can be firmly locked using the sliding latch bolt when the gate is shut. Extra security can be obtained by using a Heavy Duty Padlock, which can be added through the customisation menu above.


All of our Twin Mesh Gates are supplied with 868 Twin Mesh however they are compatible with both 656 Twin Mesh and 868 Twin Mesh Fencing. 

Twin Mesh 868

868 Twin Mesh consists of vertical wires that are 6mm in diameter, pressed between twin horizontal wires that have a diameter of 8mm. With wires of a greater diameter than the ‘656’, this double wire mesh is a heavier grade version and therefore has a higher resistance to damage and vandalism. Mesh wire systems are frequently used as a safe and secure solution for a wide range of including, for example public and industrial buildings, school perimeters and sport grounds.

More Information
Gate Type Double Leaf Gate
Height 3000mm
Gate Hanging Side Right Hand Slider Leaf (From Outside Looking In)
Gate Post Box Section 100 x 100mm
Access Width 6000mm
Total Gate Width 6400mm
Material Pre-Galvanised Steel
Finish Polyester Powder Coating

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