Twin Mesh Double Leaf Gate - 2.4m high x 6.0m wide

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Assemble your 2.4m x 6.0m Double Leaf Twin Mesh gate with either Dig-In or Bolt Down Posts.

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Features and Benefits

  • Mesh construction – the size of the gaps between the mesh provide sufficient visibility for people who are on either side of the gate, however they are too small for anyone to grip with their hands so opportunities for climbing are significantly reduced. Wire ends are also welded to the upper section of the frame in order to restrict scaling. The mesh wires are extremely tough and designed to be anti-cut (if standard tools are used).
  • Pre-Galvanised finish – consists of a layer of zinc which is applied to the steel. The purpose of this is to help prevent the formation of rust, as this can cause damage.
  • Polyester Powder Coating – supplies the gate with a smoother and brighter finish. Powder coating also helps to protect the gate’s exterior from the effects of weathering, as well as general wear and tear.
  • Ground suitability – you should ensure that the correct types of posts are used to erect your gate. Dig-In Posts are designed for use with softer ground like grass, whereas Bolt Down Posts are designed to be used on hard ground surfaces such as concrete.
  • This dependable gate is cost-effective and low maintenance. 



This 2.4m x 6.0m Double Leaf Twin Mesh Gate can be used to form an entry and exit point for vehicles within a Twin Mesh fencing system. 6.0m in width, the gate is wide enough to allow forklifts, cars, vans and lorries to drive through. The gate leaves can be opened either together or individually, depending on the amount of access space you require at that time. Its 2.4m height makes it appropriate for locations which require high security measures in place and the gate should be installed into fencing structures of the same height. Erecting this gate will enable you to manage accessibility, as well as keep your premises safe from intrusion, damage and theft. This gate offers a fantastic amount of strength and a high level of safety, so it is suitable for locations where the general public and children are often present. You will frequently see this type of gate used in places like sports stadiums, schools and around public buildings.

You should use the sliding latch bolt and two drop bolts to fix the gate shut. The drop bolts may also be slotted into the ground to fix it in place when the gate is opened completely.


All of our Twin Mesh Gates are supplied with 868 Twin Mesh however they are compatible with both 656 Twin Mesh and 868 Twin Mesh Fencing. 

Twin Mesh 868

868 Twin Mesh consists of vertical wires that are 6mm in diameter, pressed between twin horizontal wires that have a diameter of 8mm. With wires of a greater diameter than the ‘656’, this double wire mesh is a heavier grade version and therefore has a higher resistance to damage and vandalism. Mesh wire systems are frequently used as a safe and secure solution for a wide range of including, for example public and industrial buildings, school perimeters and sport grounds.

More Information
Gate Type Double Leaf Gate
Height 2400mm
Gate Hanging Side Right Hand Slider Leaf (From Outside Looking In)
Gate Post Box Section 100 x 100mm
Access Width 6000mm
Total Gate Width 6400mm
Material Pre-Galvanised Steel
Finish Polyester Powder Coating

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