Twin Mesh Double Leaf Gate - 2.0m high x 5.0m wide

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Use this 2.0m x 5.0m Double Leaf Twin Mesh Gate to provide a secure vehicle access point.

   2.0m x 5.0m Twin Mesh Double Leaf Security Gate Specification


Features and Benefits

  • Mesh construction – with rigid wires tightly presses together, the mesh has a high level of resistance to standard cutting tools and impact. It also helps to prevent climbing activity as the openings within the mesh are too small for people to gain a grip or footing on, and the additional wire ends that sit along the top of the frame work as an effective theft deterrent. Despite the gapping within the mesh being relatively small, the mesh still provides a high level of visibility so you can still observe outside activity.
  • Pre-Galvanised finish – rust can often cause damage to steel, so to help prevent this from happening, the gate is coated with a layer of zinc which acts as a form of protection.
  • Polyester Powder Coating – this provides extra protection for the steel so the gate has less chance of being affected by vandalism, weathering and general wear and tear. By applying this type of coating, the gate will also have a more attractive look, as well as a smoother, quality finish.
  • Ground suitability – this gate can be assembled on a range of ground types, however this will influence which  type of posts you will be able to use. We offer Dig-In Posts for gates constructed on soft ground types and Bolt Down Posts for gates that are constructed on hard ground types.
  • This gate is cost-effective, easy to install and durable.


This 2.0m x 5.0m Double Leaf Twin Mesh Gate can be installed when a vehicle access solution is required. Suitable for Twin Mesh fencing systems which also have a height of 2.0m, this gate not only enables you to grant access, but it also helps to maintain the site’s security so intruders cannot enter your site. As the gate is 5.0m in width, it is large enough for forklifts, cars and small vans to pass through. With its strong, safe mesh construction and colourful exterior, the gate is an ideal security choice for locations where safety and appearances are an important factor, for example schools, sports stadiums and retail outlets. The gate’s 2.0m height means that it is appropriate for areas requiring a lower level of security and which do not have a high risk of intrusion.

With this gate you will receive two drop bolts and one sliding latch bolt. These components should be used to fix the gate in its position when it has been closed and the drop bolts can also be inserted into the ground to secure it when it has been opened to its maximum capacity.


All of our Twin Mesh Gates are supplied with 868 Twin Mesh however they are compatible with both 656 Twin Mesh and 868 Twin Mesh Fencing. 

Twin Mesh 868

868 Twin Mesh consists of vertical wires that are 6mm in diameter, pressed between twin horizontal wires that have a diameter of 8mm. With wires of a greater diameter than the ‘656’, this double wire mesh is a heavier grade version and therefore has a higher resistance to damage and vandalism. Mesh wire systems are frequently used as a safe and secure solution for a wide range of including, for example public and industrial buildings, school perimeters and sport grounds.

More Information
Gate Type Double Leaf Gate
Height 2000mm
Gate Hanging Side Right Hand Slider Leaf (From Outside Looking In)
Gate Post Box Section 100 x 100mm
Access Width 5000mm
Total Gate Width 5400mm
Material Pre-Galvanised Steel
Finish Polyester Powder Coating

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