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As First Fence is heavily involved in the manufacture and distribution of goods, we are committed to making a positive impact on the public, environment and planet.
As an organisation we are passionate about making sure we protect the planet from the effects of our daily activities. Sustainability has always been in our thoughts, and we are ISO 14001 accredited, but we are now driving forward with positive change and embedding sustainability into our corporate culture and business strategy.
Our sustainability plan sets out how we are going to achieve this and how we aim to implement our plan to continue to strive to be a more sustainable business, and help achieve the UK's plan to be Carbon Net Zero by 2050.
Through conversation with our Customers, Suppliers, and Employees we've narrowed our sustainability workstreams into 6 key priorities, that we think will enable us to best help avert the looming climate crisis.

Our six main priorities are;

  • Our Carbon Footprint
  • Our Community
  • Our Energy
  • Our Fleet
  • Our People
  • Our Products
With these sustainability priorities at the forefront of our minds we have explained our next steps and short-term objectives in our sustainability plan.