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Safety Barrier Systems

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Plastic Barriers
Plastic Barriers offer visible, durable traffic management and hazard indication. They're perfect for temporary use, especially during roadworks, providing protection against damage. Our range includes Chapter 8 barriers for road use, and collapsible/expandable barriers, perfect for moving worksites due to their portability.
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Water-Filled Barriers
Water Filled Barriers are durable, highly visible plastic barriers for safety and separation. They're effective temporary road barriers, protecting pedestrians and vehicles from roadworks or obstructions. Our reusable range includes Strong Wall Barriers for higher risk environments, delineation barriers for traffic direction, crash barriers for high-speed roads, and compact barriers for indoor/outdoor use.
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Concrete Barriers
Concrete barriers are designed to slot together to create defined traffic lanes and restricted areas for yard or site traffic and to protect pedestrians. The barrier allows for Multiple Configurations so barriers can be both straight and slow radiused systems. One of the benefits of using concrete barrier systems is that they are resistant to ram-raiding and other unauthorised vehicular access.
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Crowd Control Barriers
Crowd Control Barriers, made from quality galvanised steel, provide temporary safety and manage pedestrian traffic in busy areas. Our range includes standard barriers for outdoor events, robust police barriers with mesh infills, walk-through barriers for clear access points, and cycle barriers for event safety.
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Guardrails and Handrails
Guardrails, acting as protective barriers, offer safety and separation from hazards like traffic, making them ideal for car parks. They come in two styles: basic No Sight Top with just infill bars, and popular Sight Top featuring an additional gap at the upper frame.
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Verge Posts
Verge Posts, designed for highways, rural roads, and car parks, are made from durable plastic and indicate road edges and hazards with their reflective areas. They come in two types: the flexible Wychwood Verge Post and the resilient Wychwood Hazard Style Verge Post, both designed to recover after impact.
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Armco Safety Barriers
Armco Barriers provide a high-quality steel safety barrier system that can be Installed in locations throughout the UK, Armco Barriers provide a permanent barrier system which will help reduce the amount of damage caused as a result of impact or collision. These Armco barriers are ideal for use within car parks.
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Column Protectors
Highly visible column protectors are designed to take multiple impacts and return back to their original shape to help protect posts and supporting columns in factories, warehouses or yards.
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